• The Population is Out of Control

    About 1 billion people are malnourished. It would be a waste of resources to continue breeding - why use resources that you don't have for a child that you don't need? Think about it this way - five people are in a dessert with a only gallon of potable water and no way of securing more. That is not enough for all of them, and they have no need of another person, but you decide to add another person to die of thirst because, why not? Too many people place value on childbearing and refuse to accept the fact that there are not enough resources, and there is NO need to breed. Rather than opting to adopt, people chose to breed because "It's different when it's your own." In other words, people want an extension of themselves, a little "mini me" because they are such a great person the world needs another person like them. It is stupid and narcissistic to assume your child will be "better" than someone else's without being tested for genetic disorders. People don't take into account their family history of heart disease, cancer, etc. because it's too important to them to have a replica of themselves. Some people on here have been saying that you "need" to have kids to have a fulfilling life. Saying this is insulting to anyone who is employed, anyone who is attending college, anyone who has friends, hobbies, or any semblance of a life, because you are basically saying that none of these things are important. News flash: it takes intelligence to gain a Ph.D or become a CEO, it takes social skills to have and maintain friends - it takes only functional reproductive organs - something that very few people are born without - to have a baby. Congratulations on doing something that literally anyone can do, as the only criteria is puberty. Some people call child free individuals "selfish". Is it not selfish to have a baby - regardless of your medical background or financial situation - because you want one? Is it not selfish to want a genetic clone of yourself? Rather than considering if they are able to raise a happy child, many people are breeding because they want a child, and to heck with the environment.

    I don't think people should breed because there is no need to. A genetic clone of yourself is not a blessing to society, it is a blessing to you alone. Children do not exist to give you purpose or fulfillment - anyone who wants to be a parent should consider adoption, and there ability to raise a child - if you live in an apartment, and make barely enough money to support yourself, do you buy a horse? No! You get a better job and save up for boarding services or some land.

    Seriously, don't add a 6th person to the dessert. Adding another life to die of thirst just because you want another person i
    is selfish.

  • Stop making babies. Adopt children instead

    Instead of increasing the number of humans I personally think that more and more people should open up their minds and adopt children who are already born for no fault or choice of theirs. If your parental instincts are genuine you can raise any child. In today's world we should be able to surpass old traditions.

  • Overpopulation is the world's major problem

    I fully agree with the points raised by the previous debater. Also, all of the issues that face society today are directly related to the sheer number of humans on this delicately balanced planet. Natural resources are becoming extremely scarce, economies are collapsing, unemployment is reaching record highs because there are simply too many people. People need education and birth control, particularly in developing countries, so that this can be regulated. It is utterly ludicrous that child-free people are considered selfish, when in actuality bringing another child into an already overcrowded world for personal satisfaction is the most selfish thing one can do.

  • Stop it and actually do something non-selfish for the world.

    There is no species of anytime that can simply overpopulate and expect it to be healthy for their habitat. There are simply too many people on this earth. Why would we all want to compete for resources, when by simply reducing thre population to under 1b, there would be enough for all. There is simply no rational argument in wanting a large earth population like we have to day. I'm not suggestion to kill anyone, but there should be a 1 child policy for all countries with HEAVY financial penalties and maditory sterilization if you have more than 1. This way in a few generations the planet might actually start to heal. We should reward those who choose to have no children with finacial incentives so the "norm" would become not having kids.

  • At some point we should...

    Overpopulation will reduce our resources and create a higher demand for it, which means cost of living will go up as well. Quality of life will be low for those who aren't wealthy. Babies don't just volunteer to come into this world. It is our responsibility to preserve the balance of our ecosystem, otherwise the whole thing will come crashing down. We must create a sustainable world for our future generations. Think logically not emotionally....

  • Overpopulation will be death of this planet

    I'm sorry to say this but people should stop having so many kids we should put a limit at lets say 2 or 1 kid per couple like in China because in all honesty it is not your human right to have children no animal in earth has the right to overpopulate a zone when an animal overpopulates a zone in the states or anywhere in the world people take care of that right? I say we start taking care of our own overpopulation.

  • It's easier to have a good life without children.

    If more people forgo having children and instead devoted their time and money to helping the people THAT ALREADY EXIST there wouldn't be as much suffering in the world. No one would be hungry, the planet wouldn't be destroyed, everyone would get all the medical care they need and we'd probably have a cure for cancer by now.

  • Due to over population.

    Their are supposed to be 10 billion people living on earth when the year 2050 rolls along, but the fact of the matter is ,we do not have enough room or resources to support such a massive incremental boost in the human population, especially will people living much longer than ever before.

  • No good reason

    When asked why people should stop having so many children, the reasons are many. But ask someone why they are having kids. They are offended that they even need to justify it, but for the vast majority, they have no sufficient answer to give other than, "because I want to". We live on a planet with finite resources. We can not longer lack a justification for producing the source of the most wasteful, destructive, selfish force on the planet: ourselves.

  • Overpopulation will be the death of us all.

    Don't be selfish. Having kids is. I myself don't want to have my own kids because i would have to be pregnant and birth the child. Sooo many people already exist and just because of your impulsive instinct to breed and have kids. All countries should have a law where you can only have two kids and if one dies and you don't have another one, you can reproduce again.

  • Wait wont we all die out

    I know that there are being advances in science and at sometime people could live much longer but that is not now. So if we all just stopped having children then wouldn't in about a hundred year we would all die out from age. There wouldn't be any new scientist to replace the old and come up with new ideas so we would not progress in science in time.
    I'm not saying that we should not care about over population. We should at best put a limit on the amount of kids your aloud to have maybe 1-2.
    Also any a temp on controlling our population would be very hard to do since there are more than 200 countries in the world. Meaning that the effort would have to go international not just national or state wide.

  • The enemies would love that this country not have more children

    That would be great for the terrorist that we stop having chikdren. They would probably increase production if we did stop. The children are the future it is where we become unselfish and it brings out the best in us. Look at how much control is placed on society by children being present. TV would be one promo after another with no children around. Ultimately all the caring is because of the children. We would become of little value to anyone if it were not for children who are truly pure and innocent

    Posted by: rvs
  • As a matter of personal choice, no.

    People should have all the children they want to have, provided that they can support these children. You can argue that increasing human population is having negative impact on the world, but not having children isn't the solution to this problem. If people want children, they should be able to have them.

  • The wrong people would keep having children.

    Although I think with the billions of people we have on this planet, a reduction in population is needed. But the problem there is that the population is not evenly distributed. Only first world nations would go along with a population reduction scheme. The third worlders would continue to breed, and not contribute to the betterment of society.

  • No, people should continue to have children.

    The global population growth rate is slowing and the trend is reversing. Children are not a problem for the planet, or for us in general. There is no compelling reason why people, broadly speaking, should stop having children. The question itself is so vague and bizarre that it defies a coherent answer.

  • stop having children

    I personally disagree,I believe that There is no set age that women should stop having children. After the age of 35, women are at a higher risk for complications with pregnancy. Doctors will discourage pregnancy after 40 however there are many women who deliver healthy babies well into their forties.

  • No They Shouldn't

    While I believe it is normal to question bringing more children into the world I don't think it's a definitive reason for people to stop having children. I believe children are one of the main purposes of life and being a parent I can't imagine life without my child. I certainly wouldn't want to be this far in life without the responsibility of passing the world on to the next generation. Life without children would be unbearable to me.

  • People should try to limit the number of children they have

    Limit the number of kids to 1 or 2 ideally, But it is selfish and unconstitutional to tell others not to have children. Yes, The world is overpopulated, But having children is still a personal choice and we can only hope that people will be sensible enough to limit the number of children they have. We should encourage people to be more mindful about these choices and educate them about overpopulation and limited resources of the Earth, But ultimately, It is up to the individual and no one should be able to force anyone else to not have children. It is like saying that everyone should stop driving cars just because cars leave a large carbon footprint - it's true enough, But it's an individual choice.

  • Are you all really this dumb?

    Having children is what humans and all creatures are suppose to do. Children are some of the greatest blessings anyone can have and being able to raise a child is experience every human should be able to have regardless of social status. Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and amazing experiences of life, Although it is often frustrated and expensive, It is definitely worth it. We were created to "be fruitful and multiple". This planet was created for us to enjoy and how the heck are we supposed to enjoy it if were all extinct. I for one will be having as many children as I can afford to raise in an effort to have my offspring out populate stupid people like everyone who voted yes.

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