• Unless you take parenting classes.

    People aren't thinking twice before having unprotected sex and risk getting pregnant. The problems of having kids are things that causes behavior issues. 2nd half of 20th century and possibly the entire 21st will continue on non stop unless you watch the important ads more carefully. When you're 35 weeks pregnant and your baby is due soon, You should buy baby bullet to make homemade baby food, It has everything they need and nothing they don't. During almost your entire pregnancy period, You should be buying a pair of a cloth diaper every week for 30 weeks instead of a book load package of disposables to make a difference, Cloths are completely non toxic, Especially the environment, Disposables should only be for teen and adult girls that loves to wear them for fun and be a party pooper.

  • True as fick

    I’m not gonna was a great day and a great day for y’all to come here for a little while and I have to go see y’all soon I love y’all and I have y’all going back on my insta was a little too long ago so you can probably come gggg

  • Our population is unsustainable

    The planet can't support 7 billion people for a sustainable period and it certainly can't support more. Wildfires, Hurricanes, Plagues, Mass extinctions, Food shortages, Are the apocalyptic future we have to look forward to in 2040 because there's too many people exacerbating climate change. I've been told I'm selfish for not wanting to have children, But isn't it more selfish to contribute to the death of the planet? Hell, Isn't it selfish to leave our kids with a dying planet? I have many reasons for not wanting children. I haven't heard a single good reason to have one. I hear people saying they look cute or their neighbor just had one and they just plain want one without thinking about the long term consequences. Yes, Oil companies were big contributors to where we are now and should be held responsible, But the fact is the there's too many people which is driving the demand to produce more meat, More cars, More stuff, Etc. No one seems to be talking about this and you have OBGYNs turning down women who have made the well researched and informed decision to get a tubal ligation. It's nearly impossible to get one. Hell, They should be recommending them or at least offering them as an option and promoting the nearest adoption centers. The media should start depicting children less as perfect little angels and instead show people the massive hassle, Responsibility and cost they really are. Or show more couples with adopted children to make it seem commonplace and desirable. It needs to be made easier to adopt as well. Don't compromise the children's safety, But make it more accessible. I hate it when media depicts women being infertile as the worst thing that can happen to people. If they were lauded as fricken heroes instead of looked at with pity, Maybe they wouldn't be so sad they go to fertility clinics and wind up with triplets or sextuplets because that certainly isn't helping. Anyway, The world is going to be a very scary place in my lifetime (only 26) and I'm not confident in humanity's ability to get their shit together and make the changes necessary to save our planet. I'm buckling in for a future that will only get more terrifying.

  • We will go extinct!

    A growing world population means more overconsumption of natural resources and a faster extinction rate for other species. To ensure these species' survival, People should stop making children until they will all die out, Leaving no descendants behind. A world without humans is a healthy world. My opinion is that humans will go extinct in the next century due to climate change or they didn' t breed.

  • Stop having so many f****** babies!

    There is a reason there are so many problems in the world today. All these families are having so many babies. If you want children so bad, There are so many children in the foster and adoption programs who are in dire need of a good home. And if you are having children to carry on your family tradition, Remember that said tradition can be introduced, But there is no garuntee it will be followed. Children are their own people and need to make their own decisions.

  • It's pretty simple

    We have way too many people. There's seven billion (or so) now, And it's only going to rise. At the same time, We're running out of natural resources. Once we're out of oil, We're going to have a pretty big problem. Like a hangover, On a world-wide scale. An interesting (and pretty good in my opinion) article by Steve Kotler suggests a five-year ban on having children. Not a government mandate, But a "grassroots" operation. Given the amount of kids that low-income people have, I don't think it would be a bad idea to add condoms to welfare, And for those five years making having a child one of the things that mean you get kicked off welfare. I'm not saying that children are bad, But having a five-year gap where we can focus our resources on fixing our resource problem without having to deal with an absurd jump in population would seriously help.

  • Future adults should cut down on having kids because it's annoying to have children.

    Children will fight you, They yell, They scream, You have to understand how annoying it is to start a new family. You should think twice before having kids, You should have pets instead of children they can be our new children and our new probiotic. The bring us happiness and children do not. The world today is overpopulated, Food supplies are going short, Future married couples should cut down on having kids to help save the environment. New parenting laws should’ve been made since 1960 but it just hasn’t happened and many many many bad things happened, Bad things can be shortened by making new requirements. There are so many things, Maybe about 100 things that needs to taught in parenting classes. It NEEDS to include cloth diapering 101 to help save the environment, Baby bullet t. V. Ad and a whole lot more. A married pregnant woman has 4 boys, Expecting their 5th already and should't started it yet, Because that's too fast and can risk going in higher debt, These couples didn't paid attention what's going on with the environment with all that diaper landfill build up when somebody should've told them about the facts of cloth diapers and know the dangers of disposables, Including commercial diapers. They refused to switch to do cloth diapers to help the environment, It would be nice for all married couples interested in having kids to wait couples years after marriage and honeymoon to have a first child, Which means starting off by buying cloth diapers (any kind) to help the environment, Save money on the long run, Babies health, And many more. A woman being pregnant with 5 or 6 infants in her stomach should buy 90 pairs of cloth diapers online or possibly in the store, Just buy 3 pairs weekly before or during pregnancy to make a difference. You SHOULD watch a lot of t. V. Commercials such as watching the baby bullet t. V. Ad about making homemade baby foods, It shows the video of an infant whining because of parents buying jars of baby food when they never knew it has harsh chemicals in them. Baby bullet will help solve the behavior issue(s) any every parents should order. Anyone interested in having children MUST cut down on watching television shows, Movies, Play video games, And play computer games so start watching ads and other important things like NEWS and 30 minute commercials to understand what’s going on, Some includes something that youngsters need.

  • Without a doubt.

    I am sorry to be so critical but I think that the common argument that only people who work and have resources should have kids is utter garbage. NO ONE should be having kids at this point, whether it's resourced or unfortunate, or dumb or smart people.
    The reason I say this is for reasons that have commonly pointed out. Water is scarce. Literally only one percent of water is drinkable. More people leads to greater population in urban areas, which leads to potential issues like pollution ( although not directly responsible) and lack of housing. It also can lead to an increased demand for jobs, which are unfortunately not being created fast enough in our current situation.
    It's also not fair because more people can make the standard of living higher. It's not fair for the taxes of hard working people to go up because their compatriots only care about following the crowd and having kids.
    The reasons for people having kids nowadays are ridiculous. Stop being sheep and be a little more original. Don't have kids because it is a popular trend or because your close friend just had an adorable little boy. Folks need to be a little more judicious and start realizing this matter is bigger than all of us.

  • Matter of survival

    Its the one thing we can do NOW to curb climate change. As things stand humans are closer to extinction than they ever have been. It's wrong to bring one child into this world until we can take meaningful steps to combat this problem. Would you want to be born in 2018?

  • Less is more.

    So many of our problems, environmental, economic, societal, and political will cease to be problems if the human race would shrink to more reasonable levels. The planet was never meant to hold 7 billion people. This puts a strain on resources, the worlds economy, leads to mass migration, civil unrest, and general misery. The human herd needs to be culled.

  • Wait wont we all die out

    I know that there are being advances in science and at sometime people could live much longer but that is not now. So if we all just stopped having children then wouldn't in about a hundred year we would all die out from age. There wouldn't be any new scientist to replace the old and come up with new ideas so we would not progress in science in time.
    I'm not saying that we should not care about over population. We should at best put a limit on the amount of kids your aloud to have maybe 1-2.
    Also any a temp on controlling our population would be very hard to do since there are more than 200 countries in the world. Meaning that the effort would have to go international not just national or state wide.

  • The enemies would love that this country not have more children

    That would be great for the terrorist that we stop having chikdren. They would probably increase production if we did stop. The children are the future it is where we become unselfish and it brings out the best in us. Look at how much control is placed on society by children being present. TV would be one promo after another with no children around. Ultimately all the caring is because of the children. We would become of little value to anyone if it were not for children who are truly pure and innocent

    Posted by: rvs
  • As a matter of personal choice, no.

    People should have all the children they want to have, provided that they can support these children. You can argue that increasing human population is having negative impact on the world, but not having children isn't the solution to this problem. If people want children, they should be able to have them.

  • The wrong people would keep having children.

    Although I think with the billions of people we have on this planet, a reduction in population is needed. But the problem there is that the population is not evenly distributed. Only first world nations would go along with a population reduction scheme. The third worlders would continue to breed, and not contribute to the betterment of society.

  • No, people should continue to have children.

    The global population growth rate is slowing and the trend is reversing. Children are not a problem for the planet, or for us in general. There is no compelling reason why people, broadly speaking, should stop having children. The question itself is so vague and bizarre that it defies a coherent answer.

  • stop having children

    I personally disagree,I believe that There is no set age that women should stop having children. After the age of 35, women are at a higher risk for complications with pregnancy. Doctors will discourage pregnancy after 40 however there are many women who deliver healthy babies well into their forties.

  • No They Shouldn't

    While I believe it is normal to question bringing more children into the world I don't think it's a definitive reason for people to stop having children. I believe children are one of the main purposes of life and being a parent I can't imagine life without my child. I certainly wouldn't want to be this far in life without the responsibility of passing the world on to the next generation. Life without children would be unbearable to me.

  • People should try to limit the number of children they have

    Limit the number of kids to 1 or 2 ideally, But it is selfish and unconstitutional to tell others not to have children. Yes, The world is overpopulated, But having children is still a personal choice and we can only hope that people will be sensible enough to limit the number of children they have. We should encourage people to be more mindful about these choices and educate them about overpopulation and limited resources of the Earth, But ultimately, It is up to the individual and no one should be able to force anyone else to not have children. It is like saying that everyone should stop driving cars just because cars leave a large carbon footprint - it's true enough, But it's an individual choice.

  • Are you all really this dumb?

    Having children is what humans and all creatures are suppose to do. Children are some of the greatest blessings anyone can have and being able to raise a child is experience every human should be able to have regardless of social status. Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and amazing experiences of life, Although it is often frustrated and expensive, It is definitely worth it. We were created to "be fruitful and multiple". This planet was created for us to enjoy and how the heck are we supposed to enjoy it if were all extinct. I for one will be having as many children as I can afford to raise in an effort to have my offspring out populate stupid people like everyone who voted yes.

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