• You would not like it 😠

    What if people put things inside of you there is one where they put a thing in the animals eyes and feel pain for 21 days. And you dont now if its harmful because there TESTING IT. Put yourself in there feet they feel pain and also have behaviors like us human beings its cruel and animal abuse because in one year 100 million animals die because of being tested. They are not there science experiment, there living things!!!!!! STOP THIS!!!!!!!!😟😟

  • It is cruel and unjust

    We can use cell banks to get results, because ultimately, if a product is being used on humans, it should be tested on humans. Any product will react differently to a human than an animal because we are DIFFERENT SPECIES. Lab animals aren't a threat to others, we are a threat to them. It is outright torture.

  • It is cruel and evil for humans to torture animals for our selfish needs and for getting more and more products.

    We already have so many products for every possible thing, so why do we need more? People just want money, so they keep testing on animals and making more and more of the same stuff! How would we feel if we had to go through what the animals are going through..

  • Animals are same as human!

    Why animal can't use for testing, because they are life too! We can't because they are smaller than us and their DNA is like us and we use those living things for testing and make them sick ,even make them die and just for a little change for us .We might kill a billion of mice and only cure 0.1% of people of those mice .We are not respecting those lives!

  • Unacceptable and Deadly

    The pain these animals go through is so unbearable. You sick people who would do this to these animals.... Would you want an animal you love treated like they are treated in labs... Watch this video.... You will understand the pain of these poor helpless animals that deserve non of this

  • Not reliable and cruel

    The tests we do on animals are unreliable. I know this may sound cruel too but why can't we use people who are sentenced to death for committing an unforgivable crime? Might as well just use them to help scientific researches instead of using innocent animals. Because of 3D printers, we can start doing AMAZING things for science and stop testing on animals by creating new organs from human cells or just simply make a copy of human cells in order to test products. Stop animal testing, it is animal abuse.

  • It is cruel!

    Over i.4 million animals die each year from animal testing. It is estimated that more than 100 million animals fall prey to animal testing every year.

    Humans and animals have different dnas. It has been proven that over 95%of drugs that claim to pass the animals test, fail when tested on humans. One bit of dna looks much like another but an obvious difference at a larger scale is the number of chromsomes. Humans have 23 pair which is middling kind of number, some animals have more are dogs with 39 pair and shrimp with 43-46 pair

  • It is sick.

    I don't want to be putting things on and inside of me that need to be tested on animals to 'see if they are safe.' They can't be that good for me if I can't even read the ingredients, and they especially can't be good for me if they need to go through experiments. I'd prefer sticking to natural, healthy stuff found the way it is.

  • Animals are humans too!

    Hello! Animals have rights. The have a life they should not risk their life testing products! I mean any way some products could be poisonous to people and not to humans and you wouldn't know. So what is the point of this I'm an animal lover and I say stop this nonsense it is cruel. Imagine its your own child I may be a year 4 student but it's cruel stop testing on animals! I hope people would think before they act.

  • We are inhuman!!!

    I disagree with testing done on animals because every year animals are subjected to experiments so painful and damaging that no one would never do experiments on humans as right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. Ninety-four percent of animal testing is done to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% for medical research!

  • No People Should Continue Testing Animals

    Animal testing should continue. At least until we find a better alternative. As of right now, the only alternative is to test humans, and that would be a bigger problem. Animal testing is fine as long as researchers are not killing or harming the animals they test. The positives that come from it vastly outweigh the negatives associated with animal testing. It should continue.

  • It's Animals or Humans

    I believe we should allow, to a certain extent, animal testing because it makes it possible to study the safety of a product before using it on humans. While I am not a big fan of harming animals, I think it is important to remember that not every test harms animals. I think it is also important to remember the alternative and that is to test directly with humans. Would you rather accidentally kill a rat or a human?

  • Its not right

    Why should animals get tested on like c'mon people!!! Would you test on another human? Its not right so stop the habit of hurting these poor helpless animals!! Animals are living creatures and need to be treated like living creatures... Just like us humans...I dont get why theres 64% of people think its right? If u think that thats right test this stuff on yourself and see how u like it!!

  • No, because if they don't test it the product may not be safe and contained.

    Would you rather have say one rodent die or a few humans? Say if a big company like Covergirl made a new product that everybody wanted but it had one flaw it wasn't tested on animals people may stop buying that product because they do not know if it is safe or not.

  • If it provides valid information then no

    Animal testing which is valid compared to human use should be allowed to continue. Lab animals are usually bred for such purposes and provide no threat to wild populations and there animals they are below us in the food chain and while responsible management is necessary they should be used to benefit the lives of humans.

  • Animal testing is vital.

    Without being able to test products on animals, it becomes incredibly difficult to discern whether the effect of the products is what was expected. However, despite the vital nature of such testing, this does not give us license to do it without restriction or care. If an option with similar efficacy arises though, animal testing should be discontinued as quickly as possible.

  • Testing should be done, but highly regulated.

    A lot of the products we have in the market are a result of testing done on animals and perfections from these testings. If we stop testing on animals, researchers will test on humans which is even worse. Currently FDA gives too much leeway as products are only taken off the market if people complain about it. It should instead be tested thoroughly by FDA first and then be allowed in the market.

  • If you have ever eaten meat you are the biggest hypocrite and alternitives don't work

    Animals used for animal testing are bred and grown for the purpose. Is that any different from animals being grown for meat and eating? If you have ever eaten meat in your life, then it's totally hypocritacal to say that animal testing shouldn't be used or allowed or justified. That's why I say yes and so should you. Also, alternitives don't work. We couldn't use people because we wouldn't have enough to volunteer or enough in jail, and computer based tests aren't accurate. Also they can't see if blindness is ever a side effect to any medicine.

  • Who else would we test on

    People are saying no to animal testing when we really have no else to test on. People are saying test on prisoners. But that wouldn't be fair to them. I think they should have to agree and know what could happen to them if they take it. Also prisoners might start taking it and want to stop sometime into testing, so they would starve them selves so they wouldn't have to take the drug any longer. Also you would be killing off your own species, which is genocide and is illegal. For these reasons and many more people should not test and people and should test on animals.

  • Keep Animal Testing

    Like it or not, we need animal testing around to make sure that all the products that we use and all the medicine as well, is good for us and is safe. Think about it, if Humans were used as test subjects and kept caged up like animals it would be the exact same thing. Until there is another way to test vaccines, hair products or anything else with chemicals in it, we will have to resort to animal testing.

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