Should people support government policy to resettle refugees?

  • There is a moral obligation to resettle refugees

    The United States has the power, money, land and resources to resettle refugees, so we have a moral obligation to do in a relative manner. This also supports US strategic interests in making a good impression on the world stage, showing we are a benevlopent people who wish to help the world.

  • There is no need to bring them here.

    Unless there is a very effective way to vet them you cannot accept refugees here. There are plenty of ways to help without bringing them here. Camps can be set up in the area. The may be a moral obligation to help, however not at the expense of our nations own safety. Liberals can never seem to grasp this.

  • People should not support government policy to resettle refugees.

    The government has enough responsibilities without having to worry about the refugees from other countries. Tax payers should not have to pay for the problems caused by warlords in other countries. Charities and relief organizations should be responsible for dealing with refugees. Also, neighboring countries are much better able to receive refugees because they are closer and they probaby have the same climate and culture.

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