• We need guns to protect ourselves from tyranny and criminals.

    When our citizens are armed then we are safe. If the military has assault weapons then so should the people. We must be on an equal footing with our Marshals and the military to protect ourselves from the corruption that runs through the veins of our government like an incurable sickness. The Government are our advisers nothing more. They attempt to claim more power but in reality they should have a very limited power. Freedom will rain. When the people fear the government there is tyranny but when the government fear the people then there is liberty and I see a lot of people fearing the government now a days.

  • The NRA does exactly what it says it's going to do. That level of competence alone should be admired.

    When the NRA made its pledge to stand against legislation that promotes the limitation of the second amendment in any way, they did not falter from that course. As a matter of fact, even when the tide SEEMS to be against them, they still do what they said they were going to do. In the case of the universal background check debate, they didn't stand down.

    They did what they were paid to do. They didn't give gun legislation a single inch.

    I myself favor background checks. However, the fact that Harry Reid of Nevada mentioned that the assault weapons ban could be added in at a later date made me realize that even though it may be a good piece of legislation to an untrained eye, there can still be more tacked on later. That is simply unacceptable.

    I am very glad that the NRA held their ground then, and will hold their ground now. Every inch that you give the anti-Second Amendment crowd will, of course, be a mile that they try to take. It's politics, simple as that.

  • Don't trust in someone else to protect you

    We have been given our right of self protection by God. The founders of our nation created the second amendment to protect that right. The NRA is the most prominent organization today that supports maintaining the right to bear arms. Do opponents of this right actually believe that we can trust our government and it has the resources and competency to protect us? Are Americans more or less safe if the have the ability to protect themselves? Observation: Criminals and psychopaths prefer you don't have guns, that makes it easier for them, as you are a victim rather than a threat.

  • Yes the NRA is great

    They help people know the truth about guns. They have programs to train people to use their fire arms to protect other people and not have accidents with their guns. They support your 2nd amendment rights and you should support them for it. Help stop any possible gun bans and help protect our men women and children.

  • Assistance in Regulation

    The National Rifle Association promotes safety. Since Americans are granted the right to bear arms by the Second Amendment, an organization established by us is a step in a positive direction. It reflects a desire by mature gun owners to educate and take a step towards preventing tragedy. With enough support, mandatory courses could be taught through the NRA.

  • People are free to do what they want

    People can advocate or voice support for whatever they want. It is still a free country. Personally I take the stance that guns don't kill people, people kill people. There is a growing movement that thinks the constitution is old and irrelevant. People can not understand why would we require rights such as free speech and the right to bear arms. The only thing that has changed is that the populace is less educated on such matters. They are more willing to give up their freedoms in order to be made to think they are safer.

  • I support the NRA

    The NRA supports guns safety and training, protecting schools and preventing criminals from buying guns. They acknowledge that most individuals are peaceable, and furthermore there is no way to predict or prevent the individual behavior of the violent minority that exists in every culture. Active shootings are actually statistically rare, and blaming the NRA for the actions of the violent minority is foolish, and it won't get to the root of the problem.

  • The NRA protects our second amendment rights

    Yes the NRA lobbies politicians to support the second amendment. The right to bear arms is what makes America strong. Our founders saw this and it is so true today. The people that want to change this are not wanting to lead they are wanting to rule and as long as we have the second amendment strong they cannot rule. Far left liberals have never had a hard day in their lives, one day they will be looking to people in support of the second amendment to help protect them.

  • The NRA is where "Freedom Lives"

    Anti-gun lobbyists blaming the NRA for horrific mass shooting tragedies and calling it's members murderers are shutting down rational debate and are deepening the divide in this country. Instead of focusing on placing blame, we need to seriously look at where we have failed and what we can really do to keep guns out of the hands of deeply flawed individuals.

  • I'm not a member of the NRA, but I believe in the rights of citizens to own and bear arms.

    Without the NRA support, there are serious attempts to remove these rights. I believe the NRA should help develop restrictions based on the type of weapons allowed and restrictions such as mentality/age that actually be followed through.

    I'm curious about the sudden (and well spoken) support of young students (supposedly) across the country.
    Easy to gain more support of students who can leave classes for a few days for marches or bus trips!
    I'm also wondering why little about the failures of the FBI and the local law enforcement is mentioned, especially when this tragedy could have been prevented/lessened by them.

  • 2nd amendment is outdated.

    When the 2nd amendment was drafted guns fired one shot and had to be reloaded. Today, guns can be used to kill hundreds of people in a moment of rage, or in the hands of a deranged person. I don't believe that the founding fathers had envisioned this or meant to give this right to every citizen. Weapons will get more lethal as technology advances. Where does our right under the 2nd amendment stop? Does every person have a right to own any weapon development for warfare including atomic bombs? I believe the 2nd amendment is outdated and should be revisited.

  • No

    The ideas behind the NRA, I believe, should not be supported. Yes, I do agree that people should be granted the right to bear arms, but no all arms. Assault weapons should not be. No where in the 2nd Amendment does it say that people should be granted the right to bear ALL kinds of arms. Assault weapons are not needed in a civilized country. It's not as though you hunt with assault weapons. There really is no need for them unless you are in the military. I don't mean to be rude Cheapfuneral, but how is stopping gun bans helping to protect men, women, and children? If anything, gun bans is what is protecting men,women, and children. I have proof. In Great Britain, there was 51 gun deaths last year. On the other hand, U.S., 83 gun deaths a DAY. This is just because some magical juice was poured on Great Britain. It's because they have gun bans.

  • There a problem, a group that buys influence and lobbies, which in my eyes make them the same as corporations.

    We have had the 2nd amendment in the constitution and it will never go away. We don't need fanatics with guns to enforce that right because if it EVER did happen THE PEOPLE of AMERICA would act against regardless of the NRA. Its a fundamental right shared by all Americans. Why NRA gets the say for all of us is BS. I own guns and do not need the NRA to keep me safe, that's what the 2nd amendment is for. NRA members are gun fanatics that sleep,eat,family outings with there guns, different kinda people. I am sick of them LOBBYING LIKE A CORPORATION.

  • Republicans and the NRA mislead you !!!

    They never tell you the second part of the 2nd amendment that says that the right to own a gun is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulations on guns and other similar devices!!! The rest of us in this country can demand that all guns be banished but we are not nuts we only want automatic weapons of war made illegal . If you have to have and shoot these weapon's of war join the army tough guys!!!

  • Gun dont killl people but people do

    I believe that Gun do not kill people but People do. There are lot of people in this country who have been heart broken, frustrated, unsatisfied, unhappy in the way the system runs. It is not free and do not favor the common people. And because of these reason, people have no choice but to get their hand on assault weapon and go into public, hospital, schools, churches, etc and kill innocent for no reason. And if they are black they are called tugs, Mexicans, we need to build the wall, immigrant, we need to stop them from coming here or select particular countries to come here, and if they are white then he or she is suffering from mental illness which is SAD.

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  • No I do not support the NRA

    I don't believe that the NRA is wrong in everything they do or say but I do not believe that the organization is of any benefit to this nation either. The NRA helps to polarize people and slow progress. The NRA may be fine in a different political climate but right here and now it is a handicap.

  • Are you all motherfucking kidding me

    What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Remember sandy hook? Columbine? Virginia tech? And just yesterday 10 people died in Oregon at the hands of a gunman. The NRA needs to burn in hell. There are too many messed up people out there to have no gun.Control..If.You.Support.Them.Youre.Basically.Putting.Yourself.And.Everyone.You.Love.In.Front.Of.A.Target.Point.Blank..Arming.The.Whole.Country.With.Assult.Rifles.Only.Puts.All.Of.Us.In.More.Danger..So.Hello.Dumbasses.Do.You.Want.To.Die?Do.You.Want.Your.Children.To.Die?Do.You.Want.To.Live.In.A.World.Where.Every.Day.Your.Child,like.Me,goes.To.School.Wondering.If.They.Will.Make.It.Back.Home.Alive?And.No.Arming.Teachers.Wont.Make.It.Safer.Thanks.To.The.Nra.And.All.Of.You.Motherfuckers.Countless.Have.Perished.Imagine.The.Person.You.Love.The.Most.Dying.Right.Now.From.A.Bulletwound..That.Is,if.Any.Of.You.Heartless.Cold.Sons.Of.Bitches.Have.Anyone.To.Love.The.Second.Amendment.Is.Over.250.Years.Old,way.Outdated.Fuck.You.All.Brainless dickheads.

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