• If your Friend Jumps off a Bridge would You?

    The answer is obvious right? No? Yes? Say this friend is so dear to you, you would rather jump off with them rather than living without them. Say they were reliable, trustworthy, and honest. The same idea goes with buying products. Would you rather buy a product that everyone else loves and the company claims to be extravagant, exuberant, must have, amazing? There is one thing we must remember about business: people will say anything that will attract its audience to buy its product. This is why I think it is important to test out the all new flexible IPhone 6 in department stores. I will not buy a product that i cannot test myself. If it breaks, than the company has not exceeded its product to its maximum potential. Department stores can monitor people when they test the phones. Why not? Its like buying a book. Whats the purpose of buying the book if you cannot feel its pages, in fear that the pages may rip? That tells me i should just buy a book on my tablet or computer. Up to this moment I have been an Apple fan, before they created this disaster of a phone.

  • This is stupid

    Really, almost every phone bends/breaks if you apply enough pressure.Except Nokia 3310! It's not designed to be a German Tiger tank, it's designed to be slim and light and no, you shouldn't bend anything, IPhone or not, to test it or whatever - not only is it pointless, you might end up paying the full price.

  • What'd You Expect?

    I understand that people want products that won't break, but the Apple crowd wants an affordable phone that is ridiculously light, ridiculously thin, and with a large screen. I guess I'm just not sure why you should be surprised. It's a very thin plate of soft metal, containing a thin layer of lightweight hardware, and a synthetic glass screen. It's not going to be indestructible, it's actually going to be pretty fragile. And Apple will still make billions of dollars off of it.

  • No you Break it you buy it.

    You don't go into a store and break a product to test how good it is, legally you would be required to buy it once you broke it. Or be charged with property damage/vandalism by the store owner.

    Do proper research of the product before you get it, don't rush to get a new product at release, because you end up being the one testing the early version full of bugs problems.

    Then a few months later they release an improved version, that you will have to pay full price for again anyway.

  • We already know that it does.

    The new iPhone 6 has been the subject of many Internet headlines in the recent weeks. Some of those headlines were specifically related to the fact that the new phone from Apple will bent under pressure r possibly, in your pocket. I even witnessed a YouTube video demonstrating a new iPhone 6 being bent by hand. If you're even thinking about doing this while in a store, contemplating your purchase, you already have the knowledge you need.

  • Aluminium bends under pressure!

    I'm personally not an Apple fan, but this bending iPhone rubbish has been completely blown out of proportion. Of course a phone made from aluminium is going to bend. I don't put my solid smart phone in my back pocket or put it under stresses that might cause damage, so please for the love of God don't do it to the fashion item that's most likely put you in debt! It's an expensive item and should be treated as such.

  • It's not your property.

    No, people should not try bending iPhones in the stores before buying them, because it is not your property to use and ruin until you have bought it. You would go to a sporting goods store, play a game of hoops with the ball, and then decide it's not good enough and you don't want to buy it. If you break it, even to "test' it, you should pay for it.

  • People should not bend the product in the store prior to buying them. It is not necessary to do this.

    People should not be stupid enough to do this as they run the risk of actually breaking the product and having to pay full price of the product that does not belong to them until they purchase it. I feel that people follow too many viral videos and should not have the nerve or the gall to test something that can possibly break. They should be allowed to ask questions but they should not be allowed to do this if the product does not belong to them or if the sales associate does not give them approval to do this.

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