• If you want to die by some crazy epidemic, fine by me. You want to save a lab rat, fine by me.

    Animal testing is very important and is necessary to continue because of medical purposes. If you ever used a medicine or had a surgery and lived, you should be saying yes because animal testing made pretty much every modern medicine. Because of animal testing, humans had made significant progress towards a cure to AIDS and other incurable diseases. We are living healthy right now because of animal testing. I think we should all agree that animal testing should continue so humans can live.

  • Scientific testing is okay on certain abundant organisms

    Rats, monkeys, and certain types of fish are perfect for testing solutions and items on. This is because , in the case of rats and monkeys, they have a very similar composition to humans. Thus we can learn how to increase the health of humans by learning about the rats and monkeys.

  • We need testing

    Medical experimentation on animals is one of the bedrocks of modern medicine. Without testing on animals, we'd have to test on people. But thankfully testing on animals allows us to avoid such a grisly and inhumane practice. Animals are giving us the path to longer life and curing our diseases.

  • Animal testing saves human lives.

    A lot of scientific advancement has happened because of testing on animals. I'd much rather find out that a new drug for chemo for cancer patients is of no value, or even deadly, on an animal than on someone who actually had cancer. Animals serve a purpose in testing, and should continue to do so.

  • Yes, i believe people should test scientifically on animals.

    Yes, I believe people should test scientifically on animals, because it is beneficial to humans If we test on animals, we don't have to test on humans. I could understand how people would view this is wrong, but the alternative is worse. Testing on animals is needed to advance certain products the preserve human life.

  • What the heck!

    Of course animal testing is cruel. I can't believe people think otherwise. Tell me, why do you think animal testing is okay:
    -The animals are not sentient? Okay, how many times have I heard this argument? Animals are sentient beings just like us. Just because you are so obsessed with science: RESEARCH confirmed it.
    -The animals are not as important as humans? WOWWOWWOW. SUCH AN AMAZING ARGUMENT. NOT. How are humans superior? Yes, we are the dominant species on Earth right now. But that does not give us any excuse to harm our fellow animals.
    -Humans are smarter. Again, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I HEARD THIS. Humans are not smarter. Animals just think differently than we do. Just because someone's brain doesn't work in the exact same way as yours does, doesn't mean that they are stupid.

  • It's cruel, and mean.

    It's not nice to hurt them pretty straight forward. I might sound like a kid but it's true it's not right nor sustainable especially with the technology we have now . It's not fair to not treat them with respect. And at least try a less inhumane way to test them

  • People should not test scientifically on animals.

    People should not test scientifically on animals. With all the advances that we have on technology today, we should not have to test on animals. I think it is cruel and a punishment to use an animal to test on. Most of the testing is for cosmetic products which should be banned from being tested on animals.

  • I don't believe so.

    Besides in rare cases, and in cases where an animal isn't harmed by the testing, I don't think that animal testing is something that is necessary anymore. It is known that animal testing isn't very reliable in many cases because we are so different biologically. There are other alternatives to testing on live animals. I believe that certain tests inflict very cruel pain and suffering on animals needlessly.

  • No, its crule

    I think that testing on animals is cruel. We don't need to. Animals have rights like us humans and should not be tested on. I think people who test on animals are bad people. Watch this sad video about animal testing and it might change some of your minds.

  • No it's cruel and pointless

    Personally I don't support testing on animals mainly because most places torture the animals and put them through extreme pain. People say that small mammals like rats don't have feelings like we do but they most definently do and they are intelligent. There are other ways to test products instead of putting these innocent animals through extreme pain and discomfort.

  • Dissecting Animals: The Real Truth

    Animals are beautiful creatures that don't deserve to be killed. It's time that we BAN this right and animals should not be killed because of that. IT'S TIME TO END THIS STUFF NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE BEST OF THE ANIMAL SOCIETY!! DO NOT KILL, LET THEM LIVE NOW! This is Destiny and I 'speak for the animals'.
    Even AN ELEPHANT has been dissected. A POOR INNOCENT ELEPHANT! Do you want an elephant to kill YOU? Stop all this CRAZY SHENANIGANS! It's fine if the animal is dead, but cut it ALIVE? NOW I know why lions sometimes want to kill you I'm not even in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I know how DISGUSTINGLY DISGUSTING it is! And you'd probably think why a 5th grader wants to talk about it!
    Thank you for making me read this article.

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