Should people that can't speak English be allowed to drive?

Asked by: maemae1357
  • Of Course They Should

    So... It's ok for english tourists to go to other countries where they are ignorant of the language and drive like they own the place but others can't drive in the country they just emigrated to? Hmmm... Sound contradictory to me! Come on now! This is ridiculous and I am utterly against the idea that we should ban people who dont speak english from getting to work of school

  • Misuse of terminology

    The only argument against allowing people who don't speak English to drive is that they cannot read the signs.

    However, there is a difference between reading English and speaking English.

    A mute person can read English but cannot speak it. The resolution should specify reading English, not speaking it. Otherwise you exclude mute people for not good reason.

  • In addition to "Surrealism"

    To add on: Individuals who are deaf can and do still apply for driver's licenses and make up a percentage of drivers on the road. By definition, they sign American Sign Language (or whatever equivalent he/she may sign), which is a separate language from English, following different terminology and grammatical rules. The proposed idea now abolishes these people from driver eligibility.

  • I didn't have a problem.

    I went to Germany for a month and didn't have an issue driving, even though I couldn't speak the language. I came to recognize certain words on signs, so I'm pretty sure a foreigner could remember the red octagon means "Stop", or a red triangle means "Yield." There is an age requirement to be able to drive, and someone who meets that should also be able to remember basic signs.

  • Only certain terms need to be understood.

    I believe people who cant speak English (in America, England, Australia and other English speaking countries) should be allowed to drive. I believe that it is a form of discrimination to invalidate someone from getting a drivers license because of their language, which is part of their culture. However, i do believe it is important they learn how to read the road signs of course. Another idea to consider is why the driver should learn English. Why not the authorities, for example, learn an acceptable amount of spanish because there is a large percentage of spanish speaking people in the country? Take in consideration of mute or deaf people. As an alternative, before a nonspeaking driver receives their driver's licence, it should be tested that they understand the road signs. If you get pulled over, the police officer only needs to check your driver's licence if you were speeding, and to state how much you were speeding. If they can understand these terms, great. If you are pulled over for drunk driving or other offences not associated with speeding, i think that idea goes unsaid.

  • As long as they understand the signs and driving classes test for that.

    Driving classes include tests on the meanings of road signs. If a person doesn't understand english except for road signs then there's no reason that would be a problem. A general knowledge of english is not necessary to be a good driver, just a knowledge of what ever english is used in road signs.

  • You have to be able to read the signs.

    If you're just driving around and can't understand what the signs mean or what the cop is saying when he's pulling you over, you might as well not have a license. If a person doesn't have adequate vision they are not allowed to drive either and because of the same reason: they can't read the signs.

  • What? Preposterous! Absolute not!

    Because English is the only language on the planet, Manifest Destiny only allows for a single language on the planet anyway, and driving a car is a privilege that should only be granted to those who can read signs so that we can stop color coding them for THIS VERY REASON.

  • It's a no-brainer

    Sure, they may learn to recognize a stop sign but what about a sign like "Deaf Child", or, "Falling Rocks", or Divided Hwy Ends. I could go on. It's also no secret that when you learn to drive at 30 yrs old you generally just suck at it. Especially coming from a country with ZERO driving rules or laws; where it's a clustered free-for-all with the bicycles, mopeds and beasts of burden on Main St.

  • They don't have the right

    If you can't speak English then you have no business driving a car. Driving a car requires you to be able to read the street signs. If you can't read the street signs then you are a threat to the safety of society. Not to mention, if we did require English to drive then it would act as a deterrent to immigrants that live here illegally.

  • No, if they reside within the UK

    This is a major problem as people in the UK predominately as an "English" speaking country speak English, therefore if you do not know the language, you cannot co operate with other drivers to safely navigate around. Anything that could happen, in terms of a crash or reckless driving, needs to be discussed with local police, ambulances and people, which the language that the person speaks will determine the safety and outcome of the situation.

  • No speak english, no work in america!

    I have seen far too many non english speaking peple get away with only small warnings, then they go out on the road and kill someone innocent! Either they make a law where non english speakers must learn english, including road signs and speak at least 1500 words fluently to explain themselves in front of the police if something happens, or get deported back to where they come from.

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Xiper says2014-10-15T03:23:55.960
This is a terribly stupid question and deserves no answer.