Should people that don't take care of their pets go to jail?

  • Yes Yes Yes

    I should and they do.

    See also: on the Animal Channel
    a program called, "Animal Cops"

    That program will answer all of your questions about what constitutes "abuse", who to call, when to call, what to expect and what happens to the useless filth who think that they can be awful to animals

  • Yes they should

    My neighbor goes to see her daughter up
    north and leaves her two cats alone for
    a month. Her ex husband is going there

    every four days. He had not been there for
    five days and they had no water, Food and the
    the liter box was disgusting. So until she gets
    I will take care of them. I just sent her a very
    nasty text, But she really doesn’t care.

  • They need it

    Animals need it to survive and without animals this world would be bland. Imagine coming home to no dog I imagine coming home to no teacup poodle just amazing. People should go to jail because some people murder animals and animals and just like people so step up your game and protect our animals so they don't get extinct

  • Yes they need to be put in jail or have some discipline of their own actions against their animals.

    Animals have lives and need the proper things to live \ survive. I don't know that there could be a terrible pet, yes the animal could misbehave but not to the point of where they need to starve the animal, give the animal no shelter, or beat the animal. He or she should be treated the way they treated their animal.

  • Of course they should!

    It's almost like not taking care of your children. Animals are innocent. They cannot take care of themselves in such a big cruel world. Without the help of their owner there is no way that they can live healthy lives. Animals put their trust in their owners and love them unconditionally! How do people not understand this? An animal will love its owner forever. When people are cruel to an innocent animal its despicable and they should rot in jail. I am in a dog rescue group and its heartbreaking to see dogs come to foster homes terrified. There is no reason to hurt animals.

  • Absolutely .... Yes....

    Taking the step to have a pet is equal with how parents should think when having children! It's a responsibility, however some people treat their pets like they do their responsibility with their children. ... And then they wonder themselves... Pets have a need, as baby's do... So yes I believe people should be held responsible for their actions!

  • Are they not sentient beings?

    The human spirit is not dead. It lives on in secret.... It has come to believe that compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind.
    ~Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize

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