Should people that get food stamps and Welfare be drug tested, the same as people that actually work?

Asked by: brandy76132
  • Sure you should

    I am all for the choice of people doing what they want to do. As such when you are getting money from an organization (the government) that opposes drug usage then you should get drug tests. Why should people who work hard to pay for their recreational drugs be paying for other people drugs who are not working. Its not fair, but life is not fair otherwise food stamps could be used to buy beer.

  • If you are getting government aid

    Then yes, you should have to take a drug test. I mean, the people that work are paying their taxes, which a portion goes to supporting those on government assistance and if they have to be drug tested, then the people living on government assistance should be as well. As a past recipient of receiving food stamps, I would have happily submitted to a drug test but I know there are people out there that won't because they intend to sell their food stamp assistance to support their drug habit. I think it's sad that there are so many hungry people in this world and you have to practically be homeless to get any help but for them to be able to get assistance without being drug tested is just wrong.

  • Pee to receive

    I feel in my heart that people should be drug tested if they are going to receive Welfare and Food Stamps. Nowadays there are a lot of homeless people and they are very hungry and can’t afford food so obviously they are going to try apply for food stamps. But some of these homeless people are very smart on what they do with these food stamps i’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.The people out there are causing big problems with drugs and drugs comes into the picture of food stamps because some people that are applying for food stamp don’t want the food necessarily, but what it is worth which is drugs.
    If people come and apply for food stamps and they are showing symptoms of drugs then they should get automatically drug tested. It wouldn’t be fair if a drug addict got food stamps and a desperate person in need of help didn’t.

  • Without a doubt

    If you are receiving government assistance, you are being given money for the necessities of life. Trading your food stamps for heroin is NOT a necessity. Anyone who is caught spending taxpayer money, given to them out of kindness by the government, on drugs should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I certainly don't want my money fueling someone's drug habit.

  • Waste of money

    Standard company drug tests cost around $30 for the 5 panel test. Thats a complete waste of money. How about instead of further suppressing the poor of this country we focus our money and time on getting them back into the workforce by creating more jobs? Enough with this failing war on drugs and the stigma surrounding it. Want less drug dealers? Supply more legal jobs for them to make a living. Think about it logically, you have someone of warfare who possibly does or doesn't have a job. You spend 30 dollars and they test positive. Now they lose their real job, they lose welfare and their only option is to make money illegally as no companies will employ them now.

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