• Smokers should be shamed.

    I believe that smokers should be demonized, absolutely. What they are doing is supporting an industry that kills people and ruins the lives of their family members. A smoker isn't just destroying themselves, they are clogging up the healthcare system with their diseases, and destroying the families that love them.

  • Everyone shouldn't smoke

    It is the worst thing possible people die every day of smoking. They should get demonized. I am looking for chemicals in smoking. By the way all the people that smoke are probably on the no side because they don't want do be demonized. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP, QUIT SMOKING TODAY!!!!!

  • Smokers Make Choices That Harm Others' Health

    Smoking is a recreational activity that one person does which effects the health and safety of literally everyone else around them, who are breathing the second and thirdhand smoke. Other options are available to consume nicotine, relieve stress, or receive pleasure. It is completely unacceptable in today's day and age to smoke around others who are nonsmokers and choose to impact them against their wishes.

  • It’s simply wrong and their choise

    Just leave people be. Simply mind you’re own business. If you don’t want to be near a smoker move away. The air is polluted anyway. It’s not healthy for society to demonise people for any reason. If you think it’s wrong then leave it be. It’s none of your business.

  • No, it’s their choice.

    If we live in a country where you can own as many guns as you want and where liberals run around Denver high on marijuana, then some guy can have a smoke. We make it out to be such a problem, but if we started making PSAs about fat people, that would be fat shaming which totally isn’t okay. Point is, demonization of any group of people is discrimination. People should have the right to do what they want without being targeted by everyone, including the government, because smokers leave us alone for the most part, it is us who keep attacking them.

  • It's not only smoking.

    More people die from complications with obesity and drinking yet only smokers are targets. In australia smokers not only pay for their medical treatment they also contribute 8 billion to the countries bank account. Maybe we should thank them. Let's start fat shaming that might save lives. What do you think?

  • No, it is an addiction.

    People get into smoking cigarettes for many reasons, often before they know of the inherent dangers. Once they have started, it is an addiction that is very hard to stop at will. That is why we should provide safe spots for people to smoke without making them out to be horrible people.

  • Don't Demonize Smoking.

    While smoking is a horrible and unhealthy habit, people that choose to smoke shouldn't be demonized. These people enjoy the effects of nicotine, and they shouldn't be derided for their personal decisions. However, more people need to understand the dangers of smoking cigarettes and inhaling nicotine into the human body.

  • It's just a nasty habit.

    Smoking is one habit I am very glad that I never picked up; however, a lot of people close to me smoke, and I have never looked at them as threatening by any means. To me, they just chose to pick up a very bad habit that I wish they would stop.

  • People that smoke shouldn't be demonized

    People that smoke should not be demonized. This is because people who smoke are just people who picked up a bad habit. Almost everybody has bad habits. Also, demonization is a bad thing to do. Demonization means that you are making someone into a demon by aggrandizing their flaws. This isn't being truthful to the flaws.

  • Demonizing is wrong

    I personally believe that antagonizing ANY group of people just because they are different, be they smokers, alcoholics or immigrants is on par with WW2 era propaganda. If society as a whole is not capable of helping them then at least it shouldn't demonize them. Demonizing anyone on any ground is morally wrong.

  • No

    I wouldn't say they should be demonized. But they are infringing on other people's rights when they are smoking in public due to second hand smoking. I think they should be regulated and stricter non-smoking rules should be applied especially in households around small children. Restaurants should also have a non-smoking policy that is obsolete.

  • No, they're not doing anything wrong.

    Humans have a bad habit of "demonizing" anyone they can't otherwise control. While it's true that smoking is unhealthy, and those who do not like the smoke shouldn't be exposed to it against their will, it's also true that we all do things that other people don't like. Should we "demonize" people who wear strong perfume (many are allergic)? Some would say that the smokers are jeopardizing the health of everyone around them -- so are people who drink alcohol in public, or go out when they're sick, or drive when they're tired, or forget to take their medication for a mood disorder...the list goes on and on. We'll never make the world completely safe, but it could be made a lot more pleasant if these "nannies" would get over their need to force their preferences on others.

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