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  • No, society should accept them the way they are.

    A person should never feel pressured change their sexual orientation, nor should they be conditioned to hate the sexuality they were born with. Stigma against certain sexual orientations is a problem with society, not with the individuals. Any attempts to brainwash people into becoming heterosexual can just end up damaging a person, whereas accepting people the way they are will let them live their lives just as everyone else.

  • It can't be done at all.

    You can't change sexual orientation, no matter how hard you try. If you suddenly find yourself attracted to the same or opposite sex one day, all it means is that you're on a different part of the sexuality spectrum. It doesn't mean you changed your orientation, because that's not possible.

  • Live how you want

    You are only going to get one life, so you need to live it how you want and not worry about what other people think about you. If you want to be sexually active with a certain type of person, then by all means be with that person you like.

  • Sounds Unhealthy To Me

    I do not believe people should try to change their sexual orientation. If anything, it sounds fairly unhealthy to me, especially when you consider the mental implications. I not believe people should feel a need to be any different than what they really are. The world is already full of fake people who try to go with the crowd, we are much better off when we display are uniqueness.

  • They were born that way.

    No, people should not try to change their sexual orientation, because it is doubtful whether trying to change it works. People have been homosexual since the beginning of time. It is hard to accept that someone can change the sex that they are attracted to. A person could try, but they might get frustrated. It is not worth the effort, and they should learn to accept who they are.

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