Should people under 13 be able to create a facebook account?

  • If the person is mature enough, then yes! If the person is not mature enough, then no!

    If the person is mature enough then yes! They should be able to create a Facebook account! If the person is NOT mature enough, then no! Well then... I think if the person is mature enough then they should have the right to create a Facebook account if they are under 13

    So that's what I think

  • You cant stop them.

    I have had an fb since i was 8, my 12 7ear old sister has one, whats wrong with fb? As long as they can handle it, kids can have fb. Btw robertaskew, you are a huge idiot. Why do you hate kids, yet be a dad too. I am 14, and i believe everyone can have an fb. Deport all kids? Then how will the world continue? Social media was not intended for adults anyway, its main targets are teens.

  • Learn from their mistakes

    Children should have the right to do anyhing they want as long as their parents are there to guide them. Parents should be there to warn them about the consequences of their actions and if their child still makes that decision, its their child's own mistake. In the future they'll learn from their mistakes and probably never do it again. How are children going to learn if they don't experience their good and wrong doings? Let them have the freedom but as parents, give them advice. When I was 7, I was allowed to have a facebook account, my parents have already warned me about the strangers but they still gave me permission. And because they gave me something I wanted, I listened to their advice because I didn't feel rebellious or restricted. Now when I checked back on my feed did I realize that I posted some childish stuff as a child, and I regretted it. So a few days ago, I deactivated my account and put everything on private. Next time if i post something, I'll be sure to think twice. And this is how I think all children should be treated, with the same rights and respects as adults. And we'll be become better people by learning from our mistakes, just like adults have to learn from their mistakes too.

  • Children suck, they are the worst

    Bring back the death penalty and deport all children,they're trying to take our jobs and our cool social media sites,how can i be a cool dad on the internet if there are small children on there too,i will never let my children use a computer because technology is basically the devil

  • I might have been able to when I was 12, but I wish I hadn't....

    Really, I was very immature at that age, 13 is a good age for joing Facebook, and other social medial sites. However, so apps like Snapchat should be okay, and websites like Tumblr or Pinterest, where there is minimal contact with other people. I believe that parents, until their child is mature enough, should be allowed to know who their child is friending. Not hovering over their shoulder, but simply knowing who the person is, just as if the kid knew them in person.

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