• Tattoos are helpful

    Yes, a lot of teenagers get meaningless tattoos and they don't choose good place to put them but there's still a lot of tattoos that do possess a lot of meaning for them. I am a 16 year old with a tattoo, it is always covered unless I'm wearing a tank top as its on my shoulder blade. Me and my sister got matching ones to show the bond that we have and we made a deal when we got them. I want many more, all that have meaning and I've chosen places that can be easily hidden when its time for me to start my career.

  • Yes they should

    Why souldnt they? Not that many people have died from tattoos. Yes some people wouldn't like it after a couple years but thats there fault. They just didnt think about it for that long and jump to oh i want a tattoos. Some people can get a tattoo that means the world to them because it helps think think of someone that my have passed. It also could just be for fun but its art its my life my boby. I am 14 years old and i would like to have a tattoo as soon as i can but my mother wont let me til im 16. I have many people that i know that do tattoos and they said they have gave tattoos to many people my age but they have to ask them why they want it and they all make them wait 2 or 3 weeks til they have it done. Just give the kids what they want. Why cant they... What does it mean to you? Just let them it has nothing to do with you. When i have a kid i am sure i will let them get a tattoo. Wouldnt you wanna know more about your kids life? Im sure they will tell you more if you let them get away with just a little more.

  • Brain capable of making personal decisions.

    If a teenager decides to get a tattoo, depending on if they have thought long enough, should be able to get a tattoo...On the fly decisions should be no, obviously... It's a risk...But it they truly want a tattoo they have thought about for a long time...Sure. Their minds are capable of decisions, like any human...I have a tattoo I regret, I got it as an adult too..I did not think hard or long enough and now I'm getting a cover up because I made an on the fly decision...Think long and hard before you make a permanent marking on your body.

  • It is a way of expressing their feelings

    In my opinion I think minors should be aloud to get tattoos with parental consent as your body is like a canvas its their job to design it. With parental consent their parent will be able to guide them to making the right desicions for the right reasons also you can marry at 16 and give your life to another man but you cant get a simple tattoo .

  • It's their body, and their choice

    Hi, I'm 12 and I think minors should be allowed to legally get tattoos, if their parents agree to it of course. It's a great way to express yourself, to memorialize a lost family member, or just to try something new! I do believe, though, that the minor should have a well thought out supporting argument as to why they want to get a tattoo. "I wanna get it 'cause it's cool," or "Because they're totally my fave band!" are stupid reasons. You probably won't like that band forever, and that particular tattoo style will probably go OUT of style in a few years. I have been looking forward to getting my first tattoo hopefully very soon. Some minors, like myself, are very mature for their age, so I think they should be allowed to make that decision. However, if the parent does not think they are mature or ready, then it is ultimately their decision. End of story.

  • It's their decision

    All in all if a teen wants a tattoo it's their choice. Maybe it's a bad one but they'll be the one to live with the mistake and will in turn be more responsible and think more about how their decisions will effect them for the rest of their lives.

  • It's their body!

    If they want to get a tattoo let them. So what if they regret it later they should have thought about it then. It's just a tattoo no different than a birthmark or scar. If minors could get tattoos then they wouldn't try to find sketchy tattoo artist to do it illegally. Those are the tattoos that are being regretted.

  • Ink is a mode of self expression.

    If a teen has given serious consideration to why they want the ink and what they want to permanently brand upon their bodies, I see no harm in letting them get a tattoo with parental consent. Parents can take this opportunity to guide their teen in making smart choices (I.E. Nothing they're sure to regret down the road, reasonable placement, professionally done in sanitary conditions, etc).

  • It defines who they are.

    If someone under eighteen wants to get a tattoo, let them! If they think long and hard about what they want and are sure that it's what they want on their body for the rest of their life, then so be it. If their parent agrees and says they can get one, then it's perfectly fine. It allows the person to express who they are, as well as show the rest of the world their personality, which is described by their tattoos.

  • Why do you care?

    Seriously why does everyone care what everyone else is doing? If some parents will let their teen get tattoos, why do you care? It's not your child and not your responsibility. The teen should realize that it is a permanent thing and is extremely painful to get removed, so they should choose wisely on what they want and where they put in on their body.
    People who disagree should just stay out of every-ones business, it is not their concern if a teen is getting tattoos or not. :)

  • It's unhealthy for you.

    People under 18 should not get tattoos because it is not good for your skin. The ink will make your skin sag when you become older. You also can not donate blood to blood drives, effecting transfusions. Transfusions save peoples lives. You may possibly get ink diseases if you get too many .

  • Their brains are still developing

    It is proven that teen's brains have not fully developed yet and their sense of judgement can be off. It is the same thing with not letting people under the age of 16 drive; they are not ready/capable to make these decisions. Even though it is their body, most teens probably don't know the risks and the enormous commitment involved with getting a tattoo.

  • No, They Are Too Young to Make This Choice

    People under 18 are still legally minors. They are not allowed to make contracts,
    to marry without their parent’s permission (in most places), or to join the army.
    These restrictions are put on minors because they are not quite adults, not quite
    competent to make decisions that could affect the rest of their lives. When
    someone gets a tattoo, it may well be with him for life, slowly fading and
    stretching out of shape. No minor should be allowed to affect his or her future
    that way.

  • Many teenagers who get tattoos are not trying to express their self, they are simply following a crowd

    Many teenagers who want tattoos, get the same tattoo that 20 million other people get. They aren't trying to express anything, they are simply just doing something. They usually get their own name ( which is very ignorant) or they get a cliché tattoo. So the creativity and expressing their self argument is out of the window. Here's the truth, most teenagers get meaningless tattoos, in visible places. Then when they get older, they can't get a job that pays more than minimum wage because they have tattoos. Let's be real, unless you're really really smart, a musician, athlete, or working in a modernized company. You don't get many good job opportunities. How about we wait until these teenagers are 18, and by then they will hopefully have some maturity and common sense when decided what and where they are going to permanently brand their bodies

  • They don't understand the consequences.

    At 16, you have no idea what you're putting on your body. You are no where near mature enough to make that kind of decision that young. The younger you are, the more likely you are to regret it when you're older. It's bad parenting to allow your child to get tattooed before age 18.

  • Likely not

    There are some 18+ things that I think are okay for minors with parental approval, but this isn't one of them. If somebody gets a tattoo because they thought it'd be funny but are bored of it a week later, they're in a lot more trouble than if they get their ear pierced. It's a very difficult, expensive and painful thing to get rid of.

  • No, they are not mature enough to make such a permanent decision.

    It is important for a teenager to be able to express him or herself, but they are not ready to make such a permanent statement. There are professions that do not allow visible tattoos and at a young age, that would not be taken into consideration. A teenager often feels challenged to prove themselves and it is our responsibility to help prevent them from making a decision they may regret later.

  • No, they're too young.

    No, people under 18 should not be allowed to get tattoos just as they're not allowed to do other life-long implicating things for which they are too young and inexperienced to make a decision. While I'm all for a person's personal rights and ability to make their own decisions, we have a responsibility to protect our young people from making choices they might later regret.

  • Teens will have their chances and choices when they become adults.

    Teens can express themselves other ways. They have plenty of time to think about getting something that wont ruin an important chance of their lives. When they're adults they can do what ever they please but as a child or teen they need to understand their limits. (So they wouldn't end up like miley cyrus.)

  • It's a lot f work

    People think that it is really cool to get a tattoo, but when they apply for a job it isn't so cool. You have to cover- up the tattoo, unless you work at a tattoo shop, then the more the merrier. But not everybody wants to work there, so I think that it isn't a great idea. People don't want to cover- up their whole body just to get a job. Plus, it is painful and expensive. People don't want to spend $3,000 on a tattoo that they have to cover- up for their jobs, not worth it.

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