• If they are mature enough.

    Not all people under 13 are mature enough to have a cell phone but others are. It depends on the child. I myself received a cell phone at age 10 and I do believe I was mature enough to have a cell phone especially since I've had some practice using things similar to a phone with the ipod I had at the time.

  • They are responsible enough,

    And especially in the modern age, Kids in middle school should definitely have a phone. It helps more than it hinders. Also, While parents are paranoid about this (or at least at first), They have cell phones. Middle school seems like the right age for kids to have a phone. Of course, Some parents will give their kids one earlier, But tweens and teens should have phones.

  • They have to face the same problems as their older-counter parts. Having a phone aides the safety of children.

    I have had a phone since I was 10, And honestly not much damage here. I travel on a public bus and it would be unsafe for me to travel without a phone. So much so that if my phone had died I would have to wait behind at school until it had charged or a parent could collect me.

  • Its not bad faq ya

    Its note bad they won't die, Yes the mite crack it but its not bad. Unless you make it bad but kids are not smart enough for that. ◉‿◉ 我庫存冷藏咯哦女特務南韓農村回歸蘇花高全額票bhhshshdhxhhxhxd shxhxbhdhdjdjcucd jdxhjcncsjhchkscmhzc dndhshdbhd h h hxb hsb xhx js. Snz js xjs shsd xjx xnz sna znz nz. Znx s xnx

  • A flip phone could minimize the negatives that come with smartphones while allowing children under the age of 13 to communicate if necessary.

    Many children in middle school may need a cell phone to contact their parents while they are at school. They may have medical conditions that require them to speak with their parents. They may also need a cell phone at home. Many families are not using landlines and children may need a cell phone to communicate with their parents if they are home alone, Especially if they are watching younger siblings. A cell phone could also be very useful if the child has divorced parents because they can use a phone to call one parent while they are at the other parent's house. There are many other situations where a child may need a cell phone, However not all of them will need one. I understand that children could pick up some bad behaviors while using a smartphone. However, They are far less likely to get involved in bad behaviors if they are using a flip phone. Flip phones are still cell phones, But they are much simpler than smartphones in their capabilities. If the parents decide that their child needs a cell phone under the age of 13 they could get their child a flip phone. This solution would minimize the cost of the phone, Minimize the cost of replacing a broken phone, And minimize their exposure to bad content and still allow them to communicate when necessary.

  • F--K no way

    Why because they are way to irresponsible To handle a cell phone. They will watch videos, Play games, And even maybe watch pornography, Then they would text stupid crap. Plus they would put themselves in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

    Younger children shouldn't be using cell phones at that aged. Unless it a 2002 flip phone. But for sure no smart phone period.

  • They don't need them.

    Maybe when your about 16, One may come in handy should your car break down. Other than that, Just about anywhere a younger kid goes is an adult with a phone.
    Kids, Especially those under 13 have no concept of real responsibilities. Wonder how long the kid would keep the phone once the parent get a huge bill for overages or a message from the teacher saying how their kid was using their phone in class. At my job, I see young adults staring at their phone much of the time instead of doing the work they are paid for so I can't imagine what huge distraction it would be for young kids.

  • It is not essential.

    Cell phones cost a whole lot of money and for one, Is not essential for the everyday life child under the age of 13. Furthermore, As many scientific studies have already concluded, It is not necessarily wholesome for a child to possess such a device as it can lead to lifelong damaging effects.

  • It is not essential.

    Cell phones cost a whole lot of money and for one, Is not essential for the everyday life child under the age of 13. Furthermore, As many scientific studies have already concluded, It is not necessarily wholesome for a child to possess such a device as it can lead to lifelong damaging effects.

  • Cell phones are not helping to form what this society needs in order to thrive.

    The common theme for those who say that it is okay is generally that our youth are responsible enough or that cell phones are a safety tool to help in a troubling world. These statements are true. But, There is more to the story than just this. Cell phones and smart phones are both used to aid in communication quickly and efficiently. This communication is a double edged sword. While good communication is common, There is also communication that is not so good. Such examples are, Cyber bullying, Manipulation, And countless others. The destruction to our youth is very well know. The countless good is also gained. However, When looked at more closely the things that these devices do are both good and bad four our youth. In conclusion however, The bad unfortunately is more prevalent than the good.

  • They should not.

    In my opinion it's irresponsible of us - adults - to let children use cell phones (smart phones specifically) from their early ages. One thing is they don't need it - they're carried by tutors and teachers who we trust and whose work is also to raise young people. But what is more important things on the internet are very random and the variety of choices is endless. It is crucial to teach children some values that makes sense and to show then how to make choices. What are the threats. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different things. The specific age is another topic to discuss but I'm sure that allowing children to get lost on the internet is a bad option. We should shape them first to make sure they're prepared enough to make conscious decisions.

    Posted by: zey9
  • Kids aren't ready

    Kids are just idiots who lay on there ass all day watching you tube and now they can do it any way on there electronics. I once had a kid who gave me a huge bill cause he was watching crap on his stupid phone so i whooped his ass >:3

  • No kid under the age of 13 should need a phone (in my opinion)

    No. Considering that they shouldn't even have social media accounts until they are 13 yrs old. Maybe later if the parents decide that.

    I see kids as young as five with their own phones- not their parents- actually their phone and they get to bring it to school, Wherever they go.

    I also see so many kids between 2-4 and given phones or tablets even to use as a distraction all the time.

    My opinion is nobody under the age of 10 should most certainly NOT have a phone and if for some reason a phone has to be given to a kid 10-12 (or younger for some reason) then it should be a simple flip phone that can't access the internet/social media sites and should be monitored by the parents to ensure the kid really knows the numbers of the people they are calling.

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