Should people under the age of 16 have accounts on social networking sites?

  • Yes of course

    It is fine if youre child downloads a social medai app, They will probroley have a lot of fun if they do, And they will be able to learn A lot of cool things and facts.


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  • It's the communication of the decade

    Social media is how people communicate nowadays.
    Kids need to get it early on so that they can learn to mange it time efficiently before the important years in high school
    The age limit of 12 isn't stopping under 12s from using social media
    It's not only the teenagers that are addicted to social media, but adult as well

  • Social media good

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  • Yes I do

    I say yes, because you can make your account private, you don't know, or not accept friend requests from people you don't know. You just have to be smart about who you talk to on social media. You just have to be careful from who you let follow you and who you talk too.

  • Yes becaus e

    If the kid or adolescent is mature to have one then I completely agree. You cannot get stalked if you have your profile private. Make sure you have a parents permission before you get a social media app. If your parent does not agree Do NOT DO IT! Also think before you post.

  • Yes I do

    Because if you take away social media from children they might turn to other things like drugs or sexual involvement this would be way worse for our future than children addicted to social media is it not as bad as a world full of drug s dducts a a a

  • Truly it is

    Up to the parents if they are comfortable with their children being on a social network . If the parents do feel comfortable with this they should wach what their child/children are posting. Children need to be able to connect with their freinds and other family members/close freinds. I hope this helps!

  • It's their own choice

    It's their choice Wether they want to use social media or not ,but I don't think that they should be a loud to use it if they are under the age of 13 and should get consent from their parents before they use it if their under the age of 16.

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  • Inaproapiete stuff they put

    Teens sexting, Cyberbullying and very bad stuff. A guy named david commited suicide because of cyberbullying from other peoples. A lot of other people done that. It is unnacepetable and very, Very bad. In the end it affects a lot of people and more and more people are doing cyber bullying.

  • Yes it’s perfectly fine

    Because that’s how people communicate these days and not a lot of kids wait till schools over to chat instead they can chat when ever they want! Plus if you have someone going to a place far away you can still keep in touch because of this thing called social media

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  • No it is very bad

    A lot of students make accounts the show their boobs and they talk to a lot of strangers and have you watched the news a girl named Nicole was talking to an older boy on social media #kik and they planed to meet and then she put a dresser blocking her door and they was not able to find her for four days and when they did she was dead so all of this started because of social media

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  • Yes it fine

    I say yes, because you can make your account private, you don't know, or not accept friend requests from people you don't know. You just have to be smart about who you talk to on social media. But its always smart to not to talk or accept friend request from people you don't know.

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    Yes kids need to get parent permission so it is their parents choice weather they want their child to be exposed to any of this stuff or not
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  • Kids Under 16 Should Not Have Social Media

    Social media ruins a child's social abilities. Inappropriate ads may pop up and give children bad ideas. Drama is also a huge problem on social media, and friendships get ruined across a stupid phone! If you have a problem with somebody, tell it to them face to face. If you must have social media, wait until your 16 or older, when your more mature! Let's face it, there's alot of bad people on the internet. One mistake, and your life can be changed forever! Do you want your kid give someone your identity, or your address? What about your private information? Think for a second before telling your children that they can have social media.

  • The age restriction for social media sites should be raised to 16

    At 16 years of age, the human is much more mature, and knows all about the dangers of the internet and social networking. Research suggests that girls and boys 13-15 years are the ones that get cyber bullied the most, therefore it should be illegal for everyone under 26 years of age. This will ensure a safer childhood

  • No, social networking sites should be for adults.

    Social networking sites should really be reserved for use by adults. There are a couple of reasons. First, safety is a very important factor. Kids and teens don't understand that information they share can be picked up by people outside of their social circles; they're often so in need of acceptance and friendship that they'll even allow unknown people into their accounts. Second, emotionally, kids are not ready for the type of things that can occur online. Cyber bullying can hurt them, envy (from seeing others' hyped-up lives), and the like are not healthy things for them to be exposed to.

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