Should people under the age of seventeen have an 11:00 PM curfew?

Asked by: Aniyaaa
  • I think people under the age of sventeen should have an 11 pm curfew.

    I myself is a 11 year old child. I have a bigger sister who goes outside with her friends until very late to return. I always get scared or nervous if something is going to happen to her. My parents are also quite not sure if they should let her go.

  • Yes, teen under 18 should have an 11 pm curfew i think there should be a 9 pm curfew

    I am a 45 year old lady and when my son go out in night with their friends i fell too much stress even every parent feel such feeling now i dont allow my kids to go out even at 8 pm .I also tell to all teen to look after your parent

  • Kids going missing........

    There has been so many kids getting snatched by these adults for being out so late I think that having a 11:00 curfew can reduce the chance of kids being taken. It also will help the parents to not be so stressed about their child going missing. So that's why I say yes to a 11:00 curfew.

  • There the ransom

    At night bad things can happen like your child getting snatched up for ransom or getting killed for no aparent reason........... Alot of bad things can happen to that one kid that can also cause a really big diffrence for their familys, friends, and what ever else they might have.

  • No because . .

    I think that kids should a have a curfew. Nothing good goes on outside after 11. Why should your child at a young age be outside when it's late and alot of predators are out lurking behind in the shadows? Alot of kids come up missing or something bad has happen to children.

  • Policy promotes fearmongering

    The other poster talks about predators. The news makes it sound like they are numerous but really they are few. A curfew may make sense in crime-ridden areas, but other than that it's just another inconvenience.

    And there are reasons to be out. Say you are staying over at a friend's house and they are only a few blocks from home and your parents are asleep and you remembered you forgot a DVD. When adults do this they often walk home even late at night. Why shouldn't teenagers be allowed to? Their parents may be asleep.

    The statistical odds of anything bad happening walking home to get a DVD in the middle of the night are smaller than a number of other risks that aren't prohibited. Teenagers driving during the day for example.

    Teenagers are resentful enough about restrictions on their freedom. When you have a restriction based on very small risks, smaller than risks not prohibited then teenagers are more likely to be more resentful. Teenagers who are resentful of rules rebel, and sometimes that includes alcohol, drugs, pyromania, vandalism, or even just underperformance in school.

  • Should kids under the age of 17 have an 11:00 curfew?

    What if you are at a late movie, and your on the way home. Then you get pulled over then the police realize that you are under 17 years old. You could get in trouble with the law. That is why we shouldn’t have a curfew, let kids be free.

  • No energy the next day?

    For one thing, we need energy for the next day, whether it's a school day, or a special event later in the day.We need our sleep. It's just as important as food and shelter. If we don't "refill" our energy, we will feel groggy or very tired the next day.

  • Land of the free?

    Here in America we have certain liberties to do as we will. Promoting curfews would benefit the kids hardly at all while restricting their freedom by a large margin. The forefathers warned of trading in freedoms for safety. Kids under the age of seventeen have the freedom to be out as long as they want.(As long as they ask their parents hahahah)

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