• Human Life is More Valuable

    Animal experimentation is necessary to test and evaluate drugs and medical treatment for human use. If animal experimentation is completely eliminated there would be no safe method in which to develop drugs and treatments for human medical use. Scientists and doctors attempt to make the experiments as humane as possible for animals because we're better than that to intentionally abuse animals unnecessarily. The federal government has even mandated that experimental apes to be given retirement for the last few years of their life. What it comes down to is that a species must put themselves first to prosper and creatures of other species may have to suffer for it because WE are number one. Ultimately, like my headline says, human life is far more valuable than that of another animal species. FYI: the image used for this opinion discussion is blatantly inaccurate...

  • Circle of life

    These animals are bred specifically for this purpose, the notion that we are going to run out is ridiculous! They are not more important than human lives, nor do they live nearly as long. We eat them, so why not experiment on them? Does it matter how a predator kills its prey, so long as it benefits the predator? That's the circle of life. There is no other method that is as safe other than testing on actual humans, and that is unethical, not to mention illegal.

  • Yes they should.

    People should use animals for experimentation. Experimenting on animals has provided use with many cures for diseases, insight into how we work, and has increased the rate that we develop new medicine. Without this, we would never get the medicine that we need to cure major diseases such as cancer.

  • Animals For Testing

    I believe in some facets it is far better for us to test and experiment with animals rather than on humans. I believe these animals should be treated as humanely as possible, and the testing should only go forward when it is absolutely necessary. I believe we should treat animals right, but I still think testing on them has it's place in our society.

  • Yes if the animals are safe

    I do think some experimentation on animals is beneficial to human health. I don't think we should experiment on animals if it puts them at risk or it mistreats them. If the animals are safe and well treated then sometimes using them as a test subject really is the best method.

  • Yes, it is better than humans.

    Yes, people should use animals for experimentation, because it is more humane than using humans for the same tasks. With medical experimentation especially, it is better if 100 cats die than 100 humans. Humans are more important than animals. Animal abuse is unacceptable. However, if the research is for scientific purposes, it is acceptable.

  • Animal Experimentation is Acceptable

    Yes, people should use animals for experimentation if the net benefit is that people will be happier and experience less suffering. Though animals are also capable of experiencing suffering, their suffering is potentially less than the suffering of humans, whom are a sapient species. Therefore, to prevent human suffering, animal experimentation should be permitted.

  • I don't like it but we need it.....

    Using animals for experimentation is really cruel and it makes me feel like dirt. I don't really the don't really like the idea but when u think about it is kinds crucial for the survival and advancement for the human race. If we can't find medicine that's works properly or could kill u most humans would die from not havering a treatment or medicine to help them. This way we should test things on animals so that way we can involve as humans and maybe in the future we can find an alyernitive

  • Testing on animals isn't the only option.

    I don't care about these arbitrary notions of human life being worth more. If someone committed a horrible crime against humans or animals, then there's no way - none - that this person would deserve to have more rights than an animal simply because they happen to be a human. Instead of testing on animals, we should test on criminals. Not on criminals behind petty crimes along the lines of thievery, but the absolute worst of us who beat and murder animals for entertainment, murder people for anything but self-defense, and serial rapists. And under this, I would also believe that these people would have to be undoubtedly guilty of the crime, perhaps even to the point where they announce their crime and take pride in it.

  • Animals should not have to suffer.

    Animals should not test makeup or any other substance. Treating animals like this is awful. Using them as test subjects is not right, they are still living things and deserve there life. If this was happening to humans, people would do anything they can to stop it but no one cares enough about animals. It is just as bad to do this to humans as it is to animals. Even though people test products on animals to see if the substance is deadly so it won't harm humans, it still is not right. The scientist that do the the testing have to find something else to do there testing on because this is just not ok. Animal cruelty happens every day around the world and it is tragic and it need to stop. People already do this in their homes and it does not need to happen in labs.

  • We have options.

    Some people need to realize that new technologies offer many substitutes for experimenting on the helpless. For example a swab of skin cells can be cloned/regenerated in order to test your lip gloss and perfumes. ANIMALS ARE NOT THE ONLY OPTIONS , cruelty to these animals is a prime example of the laziness of our race to find solutions to better our planet.

  • Animals should not be used for experimentation!

    Animals are living creatures who have hearts just like we do they can feel happiness, sadness, pain, joy but if we choose to take a mans best friend to do some experimenting for some Girl's lipstick then that is just cruel. I understand how someone would prefer to test an animal than human but I still think that a dog shouldn't deserve this pain. A dog is a smart animal and they are almost as smart as humans. What does a dog do to deserve this cruel idea. I'm pretty sure a dogs life is more important than a persons makeup products. (NP-4)

  • No no no

    Animals are living creatures and they shouldn't be experimented on for science
    That is the equivalent of torturing humans if that is looked down
    Upon why do we torture animals with such indifferent experiments
    Just for the sake of humanity how many different species of animals
    have gone extinct for example : the dodo bird was killed just because humans wanted to
    They weren't killer for any particular reason and now their extinct.

  • No no they shouldn't

    If they want to test on animals okay go right a head and test it on yourself it's not right. Animals are what keep people going. The animals didn't do anything to you!! Animals save peoples lives every single day. And the people that say yes they should rethink that because if that person gose back in history an might have saved somebody in their family one time in life or they might have an pet well how would they like it if they got tested on. IT IS NOT RIGHT PEOPLE!!

  • No no no

    Animals are living things so if you want to kill animals you do not have a mind so don't do it are you a killer or are you a helper so do you want to kill the poor things when they could be sick or hurt that's just not right to kill so do not do it it may help yes I know but it's not right just be a helper not a killer love animals don't hurt them it's bad to hurt something when it did nothing to you so DO NOT HURT ANIMALS.

  • No no no!!!

    People should never use animals for testing! Just because they don't dominate the whole freaking world like humans doesn't mean that their lives are any less important than ours. Animal are life long friends, and should never be subject to testing, no matter how inferior they may seem. They are just as important as any human, if not more so. Human lives are never more valuable. If we use animals for experimentation, then they will all die, then how will we farm, and have hamburger, and everything else that the animal of our world provide for us, huh? How are we even supposed to survive without them?

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matthewmclester says2014-01-15T01:19:21.967
Propaganda as the title picture, explains how biased this post really is.