Should people use proper English when typing on social media sites?

Asked by: cheyjordan
  • It effects us outside of social media.

    I am a teenager, and it really is sad to see high school students who spell love like "luv". There are many people my age and older that do not know to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence, and to put a period at the end. How is any of my generation going to get a job when they cannot type and write correctly?! Using incorrect English on a social media website will put you in the habit of doing so all the time, so no, everyone should use proper English at all times.

  • English is degrading.

    I think people should definitely use proper English when posing on social media and networking sites. People are not doing it, which is degrading the English language. These bad habits are becoming part of daily speech as well. When I text, I use proper English and I know only one other person who does the same. Everyone else does not, which bothers me.

  • Why we should use proper English.

    Proper English should be used in social networking sights for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the facts that when your job hunting one of the first things the employers look at is your social networking sights (i.E. Facebook, or Twitter) and if your potential employer see's you posting things like "Omg i seen this gorg dress @ the store. I rly want it." you will look foolish and even uneducated. Which brings me to my second point that you will lose respect from the people around you because of how you post things on your social networking sight. Not just that, but once you begin posting things like the statement above often you will find yourself, eventually, writing papers and even talking like this, thus closing door on opportunities you could have had.

  • I hate when people clearly don't proof read.

    It makes you look uneducated. People shouldn't be forced to but they should. Bad habits in typing lead to bad habits in writing, especially for kids and teens. There are so many times that I read something and I have to reread it a million times until I understand it. Abbreviations and text talk comes in handy but people shouldn't overuse it.

  • Yes,people should use proper English when typing on social media sites.

    It's important to use proper English when typing on social media sites.It's often the first impression that someone might have of you and you want to leave them with good thoughts about you.You also want to give a good example to children and others that might look at you as a role model.

  • Is this really on here?

    So most of you on here speak english. Imagine if you were told to speak proper spanish on social media? Most of you would have to learn a whole new language. It's not really right to ask others to change, especially speaking a whole new language just to please others.

  • Asking others to change~

    There's no good reason to say yes to this question. Social media is personal, and people can speak however they like. I would hope that the person I'm speaking with adjusts their language to suit the style of communication I like, as this is what I do for those around me (slipping between informal, and formal in the ever admonished business casual culture).

    For some people, they do not hold the same stock in communication as others, and therefore it becomes a rather unimportant thing, so long as you can still understand the general meaning of what they're saying... A state of language evolution which is probably how English even came about in the first place.

    Also, just because it's cool, there is a protein in all of us that determines our ability with linguistics: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/FOXP2

  • Not really, no.

    While I do agree that proper English is always a good thing (I do admit to being a grammar Nazi), a social networking site reflects those people's social interactions in reality, and since those same people tend to not use proper English in reality, there isn't much reason to force proper English on them when on the Internet.

  • No problem with informal speech

    In the right setting. When doing clerical work, you have to be professional. But if you're amongst loved ones, I don't see anything wrong with speaking slang. To force people to speak proper English on social media sites is paramount to tyranny. People should be themselves in an informal setting.

  • Social media sites or the real life?

    Okay, Firstly, I wanna tell everyone that I am not an uneducated person who don't know how to write English words. I am not absolutely agree that we must not use slang or teen-words on the social media sites. I am just thinking that proper English is really formal and should be used in the formal situation. However, we have a virtual life on facebook, twitter and use informal English on these sites, in my opinion, could be accepted. I have a lots of my friends (foreigners) who come from Asia, Africa, v.. (where people don't use English as a mother tongue). They never completely correctly write English sentences (It's so hard for them.. Yah!) Therefore, I think Using proper English when typing on social media sites is so good. But if you can't do it well, it's also okay.

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