Should people use tragedies to push their political views?

  • Yes they should

    Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragedy to help people to realize what should or should not be done in regards to some of the serious problems facing our country in contemporary times. Tragedy serves as a strong motivator and is one of the best - however, sometimes distasteful- methods of getting ones point across. Furthermore, tragedy allows attention to be brought to things that would otherwise be pushed to the background of our collective societal psyche.

  • Yes Sometimes They Need It

    Sometimes people don't understand how bad something is until something terrible happens. It doesn't mean a tragedy is being exploited. For example, if a child runs into the street because the latch on a gate is not properly secured, a good parent would realize the danger and fix the gate. Tragedies call our attention to bad things we might not have noticed otherwise.

  • No, they should not.

    Unfortunately, it takes a tragedy to highlight the importance of things, such as gun control. Using the tragedy to push political views diminishes the tragedy and the victims' memory. For example, after Sandy Hook, my Facebook page blew up with views on both sides of the gun debate. It irritates me and makes me sad to see that people can only care for their own agenda in a time of mourning.

  • No They Should Not

    I do not think it is right to use tragedies to push political views. It just seems wrong. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. If there is a tragedy, people should be sending their condolences and helping people any way they can. Not being elfish and trying to promote views or opinions.

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