• Yes they should wait

    Have you ever wondered why there are so much teens who have VVP and HIV. The reason is because there are so much mistakes we make at that age because we think we are old enough to take care of ourselves as they say what our parents see seating down we cannot see even if we stand up sso i think it should be increased.

  • It don't matter your age for marriage!

    Even though it is a proved fact that if you get married young you will eventually get a divorce, You can be stupid and get married at a young age. It's your decision. Go head ruin your life, Get married young, No one will care. If you think the time is right then go ahead.

  • No they should not have to wait until they are 21.

    Generally the age of 18 to be permitted to get married has worked for many years and should stay that way, increasing the age to 21 would only cause to many problems and issues among many couples who have been together for many years before their 21st birthday. As long as they are of 18 they have the right to choose to get married or not and should understand the consequences of those choices if they are not ready.

  • Love is love no matter the age!

    There should be an age requirement to get married, but once someone reaches the age of eighteen it should be up to them. Not allowing people to get married won't stop kids from having kids. All it does is foster the idea that marriage isn't as important as"free love". Marriage is a big commitment but it should be up to the parties involved to choose if their ready.

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