Should people wait until the age of 21 to get married?

  • Ideally, the limit would be 25

    We need to make it a lot harder for people to get married. As it stands now, you can con an old, sick person into a marriage to steal inheritance from the actual family. It is sickening. Too many people rush into marriage without not fully understanding the rights you lose in wedlock. In addition you should be required to prove that you have been living together for at least two years before applying for marriage then go through a mandatory full year waiting period before being granted permission. Education levels should be matched too(no college degree=no marriage).

  • People should wait until they are 25.

    People need to establish a good job and education before starting a family. The family, being the central block of society, is an institution that should not be created without a proper education (at least High School) and job (one that pays enough to ensure that the family is happy).

    If people marry when they are 18, they have a better chance of divorce. And they don't have as much of a chance to establish their socioeconomic status in society.

  • Yes, marry late.

    Early marriage is bad for several reasons. Young people are too rash, so let a even younger person (I'm 17 deal with it) remind you guys to marry late!

    Have some nice and fun (AND SAFE) extra-marital sex before you get married. Females should get married around 30 and men around maybe 35 (legitimate biological reasons) and have kids. If you just love him/her too much, you can always remain in a civil union before getting married. Marriage should not be seen as an institution that solidifies love, it should be seen as something that solidifies the FAMILY.

    I highly disapprove of government tax deductions for married couples. It encourages marriage yes, but encourages early marriage as well, which is bad. Also hate the bachelor tax.

  • Should? Yes. Ban marriage under that age, no.

    Recent research has shown that marrying young increases your chances of divorce sharply. In a 20 year study, divorce rates were measured by age (under 25 and 25 or over) and education (high school only or higher education). In that 20 year study, those who married under 25 and had a high school only education had a divorce rate of near 70%.

    The brain doesn't even stop developing until 25, and people under 21 rarely have the maturity to understand the commitment they are (allegedly) making.

  • Yes, they should

    Now the question here is 'should' people 'wait'... Legally, you can get married after the age of 18, with consent by both the parties. In theory, if the two parties to the marriage have understanding, are absolutely in love, supportive of each other, then get hitched after 18, all would be fine. But practically, it would be difficult (and yes, one might say that although it is difficult, if they love each other, they'll get through it and blah blah blah). While it might be true for some lucky couples, it isn't the case always. One might feel like they are obligated to make their spouse's dreams their own, sacrifice their needs for the other simply because they are tied by their wedding vows. Marriage is more about family than an institution to solidify love. It needs more thought; an emotion of a simple "I love this person, I'll do anything for this person, I want to spend the rest of my life with this person" is not enough. You need to take care of finances, a roof over your head, medical care, if one spouse is not working then an extra job, if one spouse if studying then another job, if both are studying then it's stupidity to get married before even 25.
    I believe that marriage should only come after one has met all their goals as a single individual. Have his/ her peace of mind. Lucky ones need not fert over it, but marriage isn't something one should jump into without exploring more into oneself and the relationship one is in. One misstep, one amateur judgement and one has to deal with it the entire life. And yes, I believe that we all are amateur person who'd give into our emotions easily before we get a college experience, a.K.A before 21.

  • Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

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  • People should wait

    I believe that people should wait because their priorities may change and they may not know who they want to married. Also because they may not be mature enough or haven't fully develop the act of love or they don't know what they want to do with their life so how can you get married and you don't even have a career for yourself. Plus you are able to do more while you're single

  • Yes. I think this because people are gonna want to get married at 16 and then pregnant by 17. Do we really want that?

    People should wait a little while just cause a guy asks you doesnt mean you get married the next day. You have to be with that person for a while to realize its the real thing. Here i am only 15. I talk about marriage with my boyfriend yes. Do i wanna ruin our dream and do it to early? Is he the one i wanna be with forever? You have to think about that for a while before thinking about getting married.

  • In The Future:

    If I ever have children, I would hope they would wait for such a large step. We, as human beings, are always trying to fast track. We are constantly racing for the next step. There is this unrealistic idea planted into each of us that we need to be in a certain place of life by a certain amount of time. This is not the case. I'm 23 years old. I just got back into college, I'm still not financially stable, and I know there is no way that I could withstand taking on the duties of supporting someone else for the rest of my life at this time. If you love someone, and I mean really love them, then why is waiting so awful? Are you afraid he/she will leave you? Then is that really love or marriage from the fear of being lonely? We only have time. Sure, for some time is a constant reminder that we are simply mortal and that living this life should be lived to the extremes. However, (in most cases) if you marry someone you ideally spend the majority of your life with that person. I can accept that you want to live life. Good! Go! Do! See the world! Take your loved one with you, but take you time! Would you rush through Paris once you finished rushing to go see it? Or would you drink coffee and pet people's poodles? My hopes are that you pick the latter of those options. Take your time. Be in love and be in love for forever. You don't need paper and some ceremony to celebrate/solidify your relationship. I love people in love. I love when couples conquer the world together. So, focus on that and not on making a facebook relationship status change.

  • An issue of freedom

    People have the right to make mistakes, while marriage is a costly mistake to make, we as humans have the right to make it. It is no one's right to stay that a person at 21 can make a better choice then one at 18. In most states the law is already 16 (with parental consent) and 18 (without). We cannot shelter adults, yes at the age of 18 a person is an adult, from making their own choices. This is an issue of freedom if we start to control a person's rights to choose.

  • Blanket statements are useless and insufficient for such a specific question.

    This is of course a loaded question. Should people, all people no matter what, SHOULD they get married after 21 is the real question. What others are asking is if it should be LEGAL for people to be married before 21. The legal question is easy, yes, if you are 18 or older you are legally an adult who can vote, serve in the military, buy a car, carry debt, and go to prison. Thus, you should also be able to decide if you want to get married to someone who is also 18 or older. The issue arises when you ask the question of "should". But that question depends solely on the couple in question. If they believe marriage is what they want and are ready for than that is their right. End of story.

  • Living breathing proof

    I got married at 18, my husband was 21, we had only known each other for 6 months. I had just moved to the other side of the world to a foreign country and he had just moved across the country when we met. We treated dating and marriage like a business - we discussed every little detail about ourselves, our goals, mistake, weaknesses, all of it was on the table. We kept sex completely out of the picture until our marriage license was signed. Guess what? 8 years later people still think we are newly weds even though we have been through cancer, poverty, 3 international moves, debt and a whole host of other issues. We never EVER see any problems as the others fault. We are a team! Talk it out, fight it out and deal with every detail, then face the problem head on as a team. Age has nothing to do with it, marriages fail because people selfishly refuse to give up their self centeredness. While young people are certainly more inclined to be selfish, it's not something that goes away with age.

  • It's not your choice.

    I go to a wonderful church where half the people agree with young marriage and half don't. I know someone who got married young and they are about to celebrate ten years with three children and are so full of joy. Ultimately it's not your choice. It's God's. He created sex for marriage. Not outside of marriage. I used to believe in waiting until I was finished with college and started my career. The reality is, it's so much harder to get started on your own. It's so much easier if you have someone there supporting you. God gives us husbands and wives to grow with each other. To have children, and to get closer to Him. I believe you should get married when God tells you to. I'm twenty and getting married to a wonderful man who is full of love. He has prayed about it and God says it's time. He is 21. Waiting is only gonna hurt. Marriage will mature you and help you grow up.

  • It all depends on where your heart lies with the partner

    Everyone has a decision whether to marry while young or older. It all depends on the relationship. Yes, marriage shouldn't be rushed but look at it like this.. You found your high school sweetheart right out of high school, sure you're young but if you truly believe you found a man or woman worth growing with in marriage and maturity, go for it. How would you feel if for those that married older found your one when you were younger? Would you have let them go? If there was a law stating those under 21 couldn't get married, that would restraint couples that never had a chance to blossom.

  • It's Your Life & Everyone's Is Different

    I'm 20 years old and have been married to my husband since Feb. 23 of 2013. We were together for a year before we were married and we now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy!! Yes things are hard but I think the more you learn and grow together the more likely your relationship will blossom! I have learned so much from getting married so young. Some people may disagree and say that it's completely ridiculous to even consider getting married so young. "You have so much living still to do.." I feel that this decision should be yours and yours only! Look back in history, how many of those we look up to as role models and those more powerful than us.. How many of those people waited? I feel like it's your own life, your own decisions, do your own deciding!! Though my situation may be different from others I feel at the end of the day it should be all your own decision!

  • It should be up to the couple wanting to get married if they are ready or not.

    I was married at 17, the summer before my senior year in High school, I went my whole senior year in High school married, and I graduated. My husband was 19, we have been married for 3 years now, I guess technically we are still newly weds, but we have grown up allot since our wedding day. We were both very mature people for our age. And no matter what age you are when it comes to marriage, you never know quite what you are going into. We do not yet have children, my husband has a good career and I am in collage. I'd say we are doing just as well as any other married couple. Except we get to be with each other a little longer than other couples, and see each other through more, we get to see each other grow up, we have a passion for each other that not only comes from our age, but through the thought of "us" and the memories of "us". Also unlike older married couples, being married young does come with allot of people just waiting on you to screw up, and because of that we will be more determined to make things work with our marriage. Our pastor and his wife were too married at 17 & 18 years old, they have now been married for over 60 years. We look up to them. Where some couples go wrong is they see bad situations in there marriage, as bad situations instead of a learning situations, or situations that are suppose to help you grow more together as a couple. I know I cant tell the future, I know that we still have along way to go, but one thing I can say is that I love my husband now even more than I did on our wedding day, and our passion for each other has done nothing but grown, I can say that I look forward to many many more years with the man I love. I am happily married.

  • Do What's Best For You

    There's always some study, test, doctor, TV host, etc. Telling you what to do and how you should live your life. No one can tell you when your ready to be married but you. If your 20 and feel you've found the right person, I say go for it. Life is short.

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