Should people wait until they are married to have sex?

  • I strongly believe in this

    Sex is not just a casual thing with it comes great responsibility. When you have sex there is a chance you could get pregnant, people don't have a right to have sex unless they are able to deal with the consequences and raise a child. Also there are so many STDs out there that you should know your partner really well before you have intercourse with them to be safe.

  • Sex before marriage undermines the sanctity of marriage

    Marriage is a sacred bond that should be respected as it allows us, mere humans to participate in creating new life.To indiscriminately have sex leads to a lot of problems, not only the propagation of STDs but also leads to childen not knowing who their 'real' father is as well as really complicating relationships.
    One can know a lot more about a person even without having sex.

  • Would you buy a car without looking under the hood?

    Sexual compatibility is as important and social and emotional compatibility. You can't truly know if you can spend the rest of you life with a single person without knowing their sexual habits and preferences. Though in many cultures on the planet, pre-arranged marriages have some of the lowest divorce rates.

  • Not really because

    Dating someone is about exploring them and getting to know them. How do you know you want to be with someone in marriage if you don't know them sexually? Just my opinion but it does not make sense to me to wait for marriage to have sex. But do what pleases self.

  • It is your life

    It is your life you control it i think it is totally up to you no should tell you if u can have it or not but use birth control if u don't want a child but listen to yr parents and what they say but its yr life live it

  • Don't recommend waiting

    Well if someone wants to save their virginity for marriage, well then good for them but there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. Yeah you could get diseases, that's why i recommend you use condoms when you have sex with a stranger or you could have a sex partner you trust. If you don't experiment with sex until you get married you will be missing out on some very good experiences and you will have to fight your own biology for many years and that's not healthy. There are no good arguments against having sex before marriage and most of the people who hold the believe that you should save your virginity until marriage are extremely religious and hold that believe because of their religion tells them to.

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