• Televisions are important to people.

    TVs are extremely important and they play one of the main rules in people's lives. They provide us with programs about many things: news, science, education, movies, entertainment, sports, etc. Well, it is true that watching TV too much can be harmful to people's eyes and health, but at least watching TV is less harmful than using mobile phones or computers. Using technology is essential to people nowadays, but there are so many kinds of medias for us to choose and TV is the best choice. I am sure that the probability that people become addicted to watching TV is much lower than probability that people become addicted to using their own devices: the devices are more convenient as people can bring them everywhere. Moreover, things that are showed on TVs are more popular than those on the Internet so children can also watch TV (I do not mean that TVs do not contain bad content).
    To summary, TVs ARE harmful, but they are far better than smartphones and computers, so I think people should watch TV.

  • Televisions are a waste of time.

    I have never had a TV in my household. I often asked my parents why as everyone else did and it seemed like a fun and potentially informative thing to have. However with time I have come to realize that TV's are generally a waste of time. Sure there are some educational and informative content on there, but they waste much time and add almost no meaning to people's lives. I have never had a TV and never wish to get one.

  • Watching television will distract you from the genuine negatives in society.

    When watching television you are being distracted for a fantasy. That is simply not good for your mind and you dismiss reality and surround yourself in a fantasy. From my own experience when you get nothing is informative and exposing you to something beneficial to you. When the next generation comes children will be exposed to technology which will once again distract them from the negative aspects of society. They will have the impression of the fantasy which is harmful. Television does not educate you on certain meaningful events. It's simply harmful to your mindset and future generations.

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