• It's the worst abuse.

    People who abuse animals should be punished severely, because it is inhuman to attack an animal just because it is weaker or less powerful. People abuse animals because they can. Animals are not as capable of fighting back. In addition, animals feel pain. No human should get away with making a defenseless animal suffer.

  • Yes, they should.

    People who abuse animals should be punished harshly, but so should people who abuse humans, especially children. It drives me crazy that sometimes, it seems like people in this country are more concerned about the welfare of animals than about our own society members, especially those who are very young or very old.

  • Abuse is abuse

    To abuse an innocent animal who only wants to protect and please you is Criminal. There's no room on this world for you. The world and everything on it should be under our stewardship. To anyone out there who thinks they can abuse anything or anyone you got to go!

  • From a purely logical standpoint, it would discourage harmful behaviors.

    I'm not going to bring emotion into this, as I'm sure other people will have that handled. I'm just going to add a logical standpoint in here.

    If someone gets away with mistreating animals, that sends a very strong message to people. It tells people that so long as you're considered by society to be weaker or lesser, they may do as they like to you.

    Now, who is considered weaker and lesser? In this case, animals are often given those labels, but they also extend to humans.

    Many humans are, through a variety of circumstances, given less power than other humans. Placed in a position of inferiority. If we start allowing humans to abuse animals who are in a position of inferiority, that same mentality may be transferred to other people.

    Just because someone is, say, poor, physically weak, infirm, politically unrepresented, you name it, they may well have their choice taken away, their ability to determine their own fate revoked.

    By punishing that kind of behavior, and encouraging kindness towards those in a position of inferiority, that mentality will carry through to interactions with other humans as well. Those who are in a position of inferiority will be viewed more positively, and people will be given greater equality and freedom.

  • Yes they definitely should

    Animals feel pain, too, so yes abusing them is a serious offense and should be treated as such. Personally, I think an appropriate sanction is to have them prohibited from having certain pets (e.G. Dogs and cats). If you abused or tortured an animal or animals, why should you be allowed to have a pet? I'm not excluding imprisonment by the way.

  • Yes, animals are living beings with feelings

    Yes, this thesis can be elaborated by the fact that many people who had abused animals in their past also abused a person at some time afterwards. It is not a question of a living being suffering the pain and abusing, but the person implementing that pain and abuse. Why should anyone want to hurt another living being? It is just a question of a broken and sick personality.

  • Yes they should be punished severly

    The health of a society can be judged on how we treat the most defenseless of society and animals are the most defenseless creatures in today's society. If we allowed animal abuse, our society would be a sad reflection of our society.Not severely punishing animal abusers, would also cause a lot more aggressive animals who could harm people. It would also lessen the ability to catch people abusive to their families for if they would hurt a defenseless animal, it is not too hard to imagine them being abusive to children.

  • I do not support animal abuse.

    I am a vegetarian who plans on going vegan in the near future. Severely punishing every person who abuses animals would mean punishing all people who do not live cruelty free lives. The consequences that would come from this would be tremendous considering most people do eat meat and dairy, and use animal derived products. The media is designed to program people's mind to how they want them to think, but behind closed doors billions of animals are being tortured and slaughtered every year in American alone.

    A report released September 22, 2016 by the NASS, USDA, and Agricultural Statistics Board stated the following:

    "The preliminary total live weight of all federally inspected poultry during August 2016 was a record
    5.58 billion pounds, up 8 percent from 5.18 billion pounds a year ago. Young chickens inspected totaled a record
    4.81 billion pounds, up 6 percent from August 2015. Mature chickens, at 73.2 million pounds, were up 14 percent from
    the previous year. Turkey inspections totaled 673 million pounds, up 20 percent from a year ago. Ducks totaled
    16.4 million pounds, up 11 percent from last year."

    This was in one month alone. I will not go into the explicit cruelty of factory farms, but it it definitely something that people should not be ignorant of. By ignoring these facts and supporting the meat industry, aren't all meat-eaters indirectly abusing animals?

  • No for we humans are not monster.

    I know people will hate me for this but this is just my opinion, yes i agree that animal abuse is not right and the people doing it should be punished but i don't think they should be severely punished because we do not know their life, we do not know if maybe something happened to them in their life for them to do this, can we really judge people if we don't really know them, do we have the power to hurt those who hurt others, is it our jobs hurt people like animals, think of it this way, would you hurt a dog if the dog attacked you, sure you can defend yourself but will you severely punish them for it, its the same as humans, we ourselves are animals and if people punishes other people then they too are monsters for doing so, what will the punished learn, all you will be teaching them is pain, where is the communication, so do we really want to become just like them and punish them for what they become....Cause i do agree that we should punish them but not severely ..Cause who know...They too can be lost in a world of darkness and just needs a little shine of light to help them find their way.

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