Should people who are caught drunk driving get their license taken away for a year?

  • Yes please A.S.A.P.

    This shouldn't even be a topic. Every time a drunk person gets behind the wheel he/she puts everyone around them at risk. Hundreds if not thousands of people are hospitalized everyday because one person makes a stupid mistake of driving under the influence. A year off the road better teach people their lesson because if they try it again they are most likely going to kill someone. BTW I think the same thing should happen with texting.

  • Yes their licenses should get taken away.

    It would a just punishment if their licenses did get take away for a year instead of just a fine and a slap on the wrist the first time they got caught. It would reduce the amount of drunk drivers, and would make people more afraid to even attempt to drive drunk.

  • If you drink you don’t deserve to drive.

    If you get caught driving drunk I don't think there should be any debate about you losing your license for a year.The effects of one person driving drunk can destroy a family. Being able to drive is a privilege and it's one that can be taken away. If you get caught behind the wheel and are under the influence, hopefully, the year you are not allowed to drive will let you reflect on how lucky you were that you didn't kill someone.

  • You should its killing lots of people

    In 2015 1218 charges for driving under the influence and 26 impaired driving by drugs. Now lets look at 2016: 1241 charges so far and 81 impaired driving by drugs. Now in 2016 its already very bad lets not hope for more. The easy way out of this for next year is take their licence away forever the first time they get caught (just an opinion)

  • Drunk Driving Kills

    Drunk driving kills over 10,000 people each year in the states alone, that could be your mother,father, friend, sibling. Any way, drunk driving hurts so many people and I think that the punishment should be grave. A year can be a long time, but killing somebody well drunk driving? Thats much worse

  • Speeding Causes As Many Fatalities

    The punishment should be the same for speeding, because it causes about as many fatalities and texting because it is more dangerous. But everybody speeds and most people admit to texting, so the danger doesn't seem as real, but it is. People on the other side of the screen want to protect themselves and point the finger at someone else.

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