Should people who are very well informed about an election be allowed to cast more than one vote?

  • This will counteract the voters who are uninformed and don't care

    Many voters spend hours each election cycle conducting research and volunteering on political campaigns. Yet, despite all this time and effort, those voters opinions carry the same weight as someone who is totally uninformed and doesn't care and literally went eeny mini miny mo when they decided who to vote for. I think right before an election, you should have the opportunity to take a test and if you score really well you will be granted more than 1 vote on election day.

  • It goes against the concept of Democracy.

    You get one vote if you choose to waste it that's your problem giving people more than one vote undermines the concept of democracy.

    You get one vote regardless of your social standing. Everyone is equal, if you give some people privileges and advantages, you may as well go back to having nobility.

    In Australia its simple you don't vote you pay a fine. If you don't fill out the voting form properly it does not count. So either way people are forced to turn up cast their vote and if they don't they contribute to the governments budget.

    But in the end of the day having a vote, doesn't get rid of the problem of having no one good to vote for.

  • Tends towards shares

    The system you propose sounds like a knowledge-based shares of stock. That being said, while I would not support this per se, in developing democracies, a person should be able to vote only once they understand and accept the philosophy behind democracy and not to delve into civil war and tantrum because their party didn't win.

  • This would be corrupted so easily.

    Whoever decides which people are "more informed" could easily give more votes to the people that were going to vote for their favorite candidate. If the democrats decided who was more informed they would say that all democrats are more informed. I think that you are egotistical and you think that you are smarter than everyone else. Just because other people don't vote the same way as you doesn't mean they are less informed than you. Grow up and quit being immature querty

  • Test everyone in order to vote :P

    How do you tell if they are informed? Why not just have a every voter take a basic test, if they pass their vote counts, if they fail their vote does not count.

    Trust me, as I will assume you are conservative, the issue is alot bigger than ill informed voters :)

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