Should people who bully be arrested, and if necessary, should they be tried as adults in worst case scenarios?

Asked by: chibiterasu
  • If its the only way to stop bullying, Then yes

    Bullying has just gone way out of hand. First, It didnt seem like a threat, But it grown to be a massive hit to the bullied, And this is how bullying grown in popularity. Someone had been yelled at by their parents, Then that kid taken the anger out of someone, Then the kid that was bullied taken out his anger out on other kids. Thats why bullying is too crazy. When a kid tells a teacher that they got bullied, The teacher doesnt do anything to solve bullying, If i was a teacher and heard this from my kid, I would walk up to the bully and tell him to leave him alone. Bulies should be arrested so it could beat bullying once and for all. Now spreat this word out: #ENDBULLYING

  • Bullies should be arrested.

    This is getting out of hand we all know that in some places that cops are getting in involved in the mess and i say that anyone that is got bullying is to be sent to jail for a 5 year senescent and this is why i think bullies should be arrested.

  • To the Point Where it's Serious

    Bullying is wrong. It affects a person's mental state to the point where they don't even want to live anymore. All this can be caused by bullies. If someone even commits suicide because of bullies, then it's only right for those bullies to be arrested because they were a factor to the suicide. Even if the bullies didn't cause the victim to commit suicide, it's still wrong because the harassment is repetitive and gets in the way of the victim's daily life. Bullies are the setback in life, and block the future of someone. It's only right is they are arrested for bullying.

  • Yes and No

    Bullying is cruel and a serious problem. If bullies think its OK to hurt others then they wont stop when they get to adulthood. But it's not always the bullies fault for acting this way. They may have problems at home or have been bullying victims. If the victim commits suicide I think that's murder.

  • Because who bully need to get the feeling of real life if they dont they are going to continue until they have learned their lesson

    Well i fell that bullies are making it harder on kids who do not need to be punished for anything but on the other hand bullies need to learn what they are doing is very wrong in life now today to stop this its now or never in life for them

  • Better now than later

    Most bullies in school later grow up to be the murderers, rapists, and other ne`er-do wells of society. Because when they only get slaps on their wrists for their actions, it simply tells them that they can get away with it relatively scot-free, and encourages them to perform worse acts later on in life. Setting a true punishment now would stop these individuals from steering toward a bleak future, and give them time to reflect upon what they have done, hopefully making them better people.

  • Yes, it is a crime.

    Yes, people who bully should be arrested, because bullying is often a crime just like anything else. To bully someone is to harass them, often with words, but physically sometimes too. These are crimes. Assault and battery is a crime, as well as harassing, and stalking. People should be held accountable for their actions.

  • Bullying is harassment.

    Harassment is illegal. And since that's what bullying is, there should be charges of harassment brought against the people suspected of doing it. And although I think the penalties should be appropriately severe depending on what happened, only in cases where a death is involved should they be tried as adults.

  • Bullies shouldn't be arrested because.......

    Bullies shouldn't be arrested because they are hurting inside. They are only taking it out on the other person cause they are hurting. Don't make them feel more pain by sending them to jail. They would just want to end there life because we send them to jail. Please don't send them

  • No, don't be stupid it's not a crime

    Everyone gets bullied in life. Even the bullies are bullied by someone. And the ones getting bullied will bully people if they know it or not. It's part of life, it builds who we are, it makes us stronger (or it used to). It teaches us how to deal with people. But now kids hide in safe spaces in behind the internet. I was bullied, I got into fights I won some I lost some. I made friends I lost friends and life went on. Some how the world go weak and cowardly in the past few years. However your school bully will not likely turn into a rapist, or a murderer.

  • Taking it too far.

    Bullies may hurt kids but it is to try and fit in and be cool. It would be taking it to far if they go to prison for that. Even at prison all they will do is find people who did even worse things than them. They may even take after those other people.

  • Taking it too far

    No bullies should not be arrested and treated as adults. This would be taking it to far for many reasons. First of all, Then they will be seeing people who have done worse cases then them and learn from them. We all know kids have troubles and problems especially during their teen years.

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