• Crime is not right.

    Church arson should have a harsher punishment because it is not only church arson it is a hate crime. If some want to be technical still it is arson and a hate crime. When you live in a society where the Blind leads the blind it is hard to have 20/20 vision, the only way to see clearly is through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior He paid for our sins upon the Cross; He loves all and forgives all. :)
    "For God so loved the world He gave his only begotten son so that those who believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

  • It is a double crime.

    Yes, people who commit church arson should be given harsher sentences, because they have insulted the community in multiple ways. Not only have they committed arson, but they have desecrated a house of worship. Those are two separate concerns and should be taken very seriously when determining the punishment for the offender.

  • People who commit church arson should receive a harsher sentence.

    People who commit church arson should receive a harsher sentence. This would be considered a hate crime. People who burn down church buildings are making a statement. It is a statement of hate against the religion that is being practiced in that church building. Hardworking people are donating their money to keep churches functioning. Arson is arson. Burning down a church building is a statement.

  • Considered a hate crime

    Church arson should be legally defined differently from regular arson on residential or business properties because it may constitute as a religious hate crime. Identified as such, the nature of the crime should be regarded as an attack on a particular protected class or institution and so the penalty should be harsher, yes.

  • No, I don't believe people who commit church arson should be given harsher sentences.

    I believe the person should be punished under the standard penalties that have been established for arson, I think it would be dangerous to be punishing people harsher for committing it against a certain organization such a church, I believe arson is already a terrible crime we don't need different tiered sentences depending on what is burned down.

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