Should people who contribute to Social Security be able to decide how their money is invested?

  • Yes, those who contribute to Social Security should have a say in it.

    Social Security is something that people pay into their entire working lives. A persons Social Security number is an integral part of their identity in this country. It is also what they will be depending on once they've reached a ripe old age. They should have a say in how that money is invested, especially since there is not adequate accountability now for how that is done. With the country in a recession I believe that people should have a say in how their future income is handled.

  • Social Security must be controlled by its investors

    We can not allow short cited policticians to determine what is right to do with sums of money that large sitting there tempting them. If we had let it sit there for last 30 years earning interest instead of leverging it we may not have such concerns about solvency, maybe. Either way it should be up to the people who lives are directly affected to determine risk.

  • Since it is there money

    That also might put a stop to the government, who are always dipping into it. The only reason I can see why they do not let people is so the government can dip into, and they think people will make bad investments. If people are paying into it, which is everyone who works, they should have some say.

  • Yes they should

    If you are giving up your own money to a place that is going to take it and invest it somewhere, then you should have a say in where it goes, so that you might can make sure that you get a good profit off of it and not lose it.

  • No, people who contribute to Social Security should not be able to decide how that money is invested.

    The Social Security program has been so successful because the money is invested by a trust and not the individuals. People have every opportunity to invest money in the markets and with that investment comes risk. The only way social security can stay a safety net, a guarenteed source of retirement funds, the money has to be invested with low risk, and from a large pool as it is now. Not everyone will make money, some have to lose. Requiring contributions can only be kept as policy if returns are also guarenteed, which could not happen if individuals had control over the investments.

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