Should people who cut down trees and plants be punished?

Asked by: SureenaElquis
  • Maybe yes maybe no but look!

    The whole point why I am writing this is to hear your opinion this may or may not be a waste of time. I just wrote this because I was bored but don't be replying anything to me because I'm not gonna read it. If your still here then holy moly rollie pollie! You have good patience I see... But my answer... Let's just say I'm on the fence on what to decide okay. Once again don't be replying ANYTHING to me because I'm NOT. GONNA. READ. IT. If you do so anyways then your wasting your own time even replying. Okay bye make sure you post your opinion. Don't mind why I posted this on the yes. If you do mind then your once again wasting your own time. Bye.

  • To some extent.

    Yes, we need resources and some trees may need to be cut down in order to stop the spread of an invasive species or plant a native tree. However, trees convert quite a bit of our over excessive amount of CO2 to oxygen, which helps us to BREATHE. Trees and plants are vital to the survival of the human species, of course they are necessary and we should have a punishment for those who cut them down.

  • Only in restricted areas

    Trees should be cut down if necessary. This can include a dead tree, an obstructing tree, an invading tree, etc. BUT, if a tree does not need to be cut down, or is in a protected area, such as a national part, then there is no reason to cut the tree down. If this does occur, people should be punished if they cut one down in a restricted area only.

  • I dont care about trees

    Trees sure they give us air but do we really need them to smash our beloved car so im writing this because i say we have orchards: THEY ARE TREES. So they can clean up the pollution we make. If any one respones to this i will find out where u live and im coming after u

  • Where would we get the resources?

    I totally agree we should make efforts to be more environmentally friendly. However, cutting down trees gives us many important resources; paper and wood being two main ones. And the cutting down of plants would limit the amount of available food as many foods we eat are plant based. Ultimately, I believe that we should be more eco-friendly but punishing those who cut them down makes no sense. For certain resources they need to be cut down.

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