Should people who don't have the money or insurance for medical treatment be allowed to get the help they need?

  • Are there no good Samaritans left?

    America is said to be a Christian nation, but many of it’s
    citizens don’t truly live by Christian principles. The Good Samaritan stopped to help his
    neighbor even though there was no money in it for him. He did it just to do a good deed. Yet, a lot of these doctors nowadays won’t
    treat you unless you have insurance or a job.
    They will actually let you die. I
    hope that none of them call themselves Christians.

  • Medical Insurance for All

    It is vital that individuals that do not have insurance should not be prohibited from receiving treatment. In comparison to the individuals who pay for insurance, the individuals without insurance should not be given the same level of care as someone who pays a high premium, but there should be free clinics for those that are in financial hardship. Patient care should come first and the money should come later.

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