Should people who falsely accuse of rape go to prison?

Asked by: Eon_Era
  • It is unfair

    If anyone says a man sexually assaulted her theman what automatically sent to jail or he will be detained, Its always the guys fault. Forget innocent until proven guilty, If you are a male and someone says you sexually assaulted them everyone will believe the woman, Its sextist and unfair.

  • People are selfish

    Some people are reported to have accused others of rape just for the want of revenge. In one case a woman accused a man after not being satisfied with the number of drugs she was given in exchange for sex. If they are careless enough to accuse someone of rape just for that then why should we care for them in that aspect?

  • A big yes

    They destroy a life maybe a relationship and a career and should go to prison for false allegations like with fake bomb threats and everything that causes harm and damage to another person a consequence to a crime they have committed and also they should be named and shamed like the accused

  • It is a severe accusation

    Because of the severity of the accusation the accuser should definitely go to prison, to accuse someone of rape could ruin their life and because of that false accusers should pay.

    This would also help solve women falsely accusing men of rape for the sake of getting the children in a relationship.

  • Make them pay for their crimes

    Falsely accusing someone of rape is a legal crime. All women have to do is to say that a man touched them and they man can do nothing about it... Too many women are getting away with false accusations. If the accuser wants to try to put someone into prison for up to 20 years they should have to serve that time. That is why the accuser should serve the sentence that the accused rapist would have had to serve.

  • Rather repay for damages

    If a person falsely accuses another of rape it is my opinion that that person should not be sent to prison rather they should be required to pay for the legal fees of the defendant as well as their own along. The plaintiff should also be required to provide compensation for any other damages that the defendant can prove are a result of the accusations.

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