Should people who follow the law be rewarded more?

Asked by: RJMonson
  • It is Justice

    It is expected for people to follow the law, But I think that people who do their best to follow the law should get what they deserve. If people are punished for breaking the law, And it is considered justice shouldn't people who follow the law be given a reward.

  • It makes no sense.

    People seem to forget the reason we have laws. Laws are in place to protect us. It would not make sense for those who keep themselves safe to be rewarded, If the reward is their safety. Besides, It would be exorbitantly expensive to reward every law abiding citizen. All in all, It would not be all that smart.

  • There are exceptions

    Some people really have no choice, Such as the homeless who have to resort to illegal doings like robbing from a store. However, It doesnt mean of course that such illegal actions can be condoned. Still, People who follow the law just aren't breaking rues so they shouldnt really be 'rewarded' but more like people who do end up doing illegal deeds ought to receive punishment.

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