Should people who forfeit too many debate rounds be banned? Especially those that initiate a debate?

Asked by: Angie1
  • People who forfeit too many debate rounds should be banned! Especially those that initiate debates!

    It's highly irritating when initiators of debates keep forfeiting rounds and full debates. It wastes other debaters time and it's rather silly! Why bother starting a topic if you can't finish it, even if you find yourself loosing. People who do this should be banned so that this site doesn't become a waste of time in my opinion.

  • No they shouldn't

    People who do forfeit debate rounds may not always do it on purpose. For example, I forfeited some of my rounds in debates, due to the fact I was to busy to get on DDO and actually complete the rounds. But the people who do it on purpose should atleast get a warning if it happens to much.

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