Should people who graduate from college with a criminal justice degree automatically receive entry to a police academy?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think that people with a criminal justice degree should automatically receive entry into the higher levels of a police academy. Maybe as a detective. But, at the very least, they should at least be able to gain entry to a police academy after graduating with a criminal justice degree. As long as they pass the physical demands tests.

  • Yes, I think they should

    I think people that do this kind of work, should have a job lined up for them out of college, or have to join the military. If they do either or, a job will be in there future. The amount of people with criminal justice degrees is outrageous,but the jobs are just not there.

  • Criminal Justice Is Not Policing

    Those who acquire criminal justice degrees should NOT all be considered police officers. In my opinion, a Bachelor's degree is just a piece of paper that allows one to get a job in that field. However, being a police officer should require extensive training. Simply a degree should not be the sole requirement of being a police officer. More training should be required.

  • They must be qualified.

    No, people who graduate from college with a criminal justice degree should not automatically receive entry into a police academy, because they still might not be qualified. A person with a criminal justice degree might not be physically fit to be a cop. They also might have anger management activities.

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