Should people who identify as male/female be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • I changed my mind BUT there's more to it.

    Here's why. A lot of people made a lot of arguments for either side.

    What I get from the no side is, Rape, men are bad, use the genitals you have.

    The thing is, the only time you see gender specific bathrooms is out in public. Urinals for men, for speed purposes. Women really can't use these effectively. So Men's rooms with these catered Toilets should be more suggested no for women. But it's not like Women can't use the other stalls if they had to, so long as they were quick about it. None of this take 9 years bullcrap.

    I hold firm that every bathroom people generally own is unisex. That's because having a toilet to just pee in, is crazy. Spending 400-500 bucks plus plumbing expenses so you can have a urinal is stupid. So everyone has a typical tank bowl toilet. And everyone uses it, sometimes even together. Married couples, non married couples, children etc. Sometimes two different genders even at the same time.

    Now sure, you know these people, but it rather invalidates the Genital argument. If all toilets were stalls, we'd have no argument for a shared gender bathroom.

    Rapists are probably not concerned with who's using the restroom, or wether or not they shouldn't be in it. It would seem to me, this is more fear mongering than anything.

    Finally, men are bad. Well they're not.

    We've got plenty of examples of men using the women's room, and all airline toilets are unisex, and it all works fine. We've got plenty of shared toilets across the country and it all works fine.

    To be honest, it seems to me, that a shared bathroom makes a ton of sense. Or we could separate urinals and bowls into different rooms. Like the speedy checkout. (Hey the ladies get the breastfeeding rooms, I think it's fair)

    If you sit down and think about it, you'll probably realize, it's not that big of a deal, and likely wouldn't change much of anything in practice day to day.

  • If you have male genitalia, you use the MALE bathroom. If you have female genitalia, you use the FEMALE bathroom.

    You have a right to identify as any gender you wish. I'm not fan of transgenderism or gender fluency but I can't force you to conform to my beliefs. However, when it comes to bathrooms or changing rooms, you go in the bathroom that conforms to the gender you were born with. It's not fair on others. I'm sorry but don't you think that some people would be a little uncomfortable with a man stripping themselves in a female bathroom or vice versa? I know I would. It's not transphobia to be uncomfortable- it's reasonable. If the place doesn't have a disabled, unisex or transgendered bathroom, you use the bathroom of the gender you were born as. If they do have these bathrooms, use one of them but it is very selfish to make others feel uncomfortable for something YOU want.

  • No, and this is getting ridiculous

    It's real simple. If someone takes a sample of your DNA, and you have a Y-chromosome, you are a male. You may be a male who enjoys lipstick, shopping, and "Sex and the City", but male nonetheless. If your DNA is XX, you are a female. You may be a female who enjoys football, beer, and peeing in the sink, but a female nonetheless. When we blur the lines to the point that we have there's no telling where it will end. If I identify as a German shepherd do I get a cookie when I go through the drive-through at the bank? Really, when does it stop?

    Posted by: SM29
  • It's just supporting a mental disease.

    This whole "giving rights to the mentally diseased instead of helping them" trend has to stop.
    The same thing with gays happened. First they ask for rights instead to be cured, then conversion therapy is deemed "oppressive", and then everyone agrees that homosexuality/bisexuality is okay to not offend anyone. Now it's transexuality, and what's next? Degenerate fetishism deemed normal? Keeping children away from pedophiles is deemed "oppressive" and "biased"?
    By 2050 we won't be able to use self defense agaisnt a murder since its oppressive agaisnt murder culture.

  • This is culture rot.

    Males use men's room, women the women's room. Male and female are not subjective. They are objective and definitive. This push by the Political Correctness cult is killing civilization. The fact that those who believe in right and wrong, morality, virtue, are on the verge of being marginalized and are already considered bigots is a sure sign of where we are to anyone who studies history. Sodom and Gomorrah were small time lightweights compared to the hundreds of millions worldwide pushing to normalize all manner of perversion and criminalize us bigots who believe in right and wrong. This bigot will not get with the program of perverts.

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