• It is unjustly.

    Looking at some previous responses, I completely agree. I lost my dad in the line of duty 11 months ago feloniously and the monster only got life without parole. People like him don't take the law seriously and others like him need to know there are harsh punishments for such actions.

  • Yes, they should

    If you kill somebody you get the death penalty. Well, at least you should in most cases. The majority of the time police are good people who are out there to protect and help people. Some are corrupt and do bad things, but if somebody is trying to hurt you, who are you going to call? So do all the complaining about the system that you want to but those who are risking their lives for you and somebody comes along and kills them, they should be held to a harsher punishment than what is standard.

  • It's a disruption of justice.

    If someone kills a law enforcement officer without justification and without acting in self-defense against the officer's unlawful use of force, the person should get the death penalty. It's important to send the message to law enforcement officers and to the public that society takes law and order seriously. A society turns into anarchy when law and order isn't protected.

  • No, I don't believe in the death penalty.

    No, they should not get the death penalty. Nobody should get the death penalty. It is barbaric and turns us into murderers. Instead, people who kill police officers should get life in prison without parole, in the majority of cases. There will be a few cases of self defense, but the rest likely should result in life in prison.

  • No, people who kill police officers should not get the death penalty.

    No, people who kill police officers should not get the death penalty because the death penalty should not exist. They should be put in jail for the rest of their lives, but why should we play God? We should not be able to decide who lives and who dies for crimes.

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