Should people who know nothing about guns be banned from debating about them?

  • Yes because you're an idiot

    People who do that shouldn't have a place in the debate at all because that's how you get terms like "fully semi automatic", These people have no knowledge should have no say in the debate. On a completely different note, I have barely any knowledge of politics, I'm gonna run for president of the USA. Now, How does that sound? Insane right? Should someone who has no knowledge be able to run for president, No! Because then the only people who will support you are people who have no knowledge of politics

  • I don't tell NASA how to put a man on the moon don't tell me I can't use a gun responsibility

    If you don't know how a gun even works stay out of legislation about them. I don't know how to put a man on the moon so I let NASA do it you don't know how to use a gun so let me do it.
    Like others have said, Don't talk about things you don't know about.

  • If u don’t know don’t talk

    How are you going to not know anything about guns yet feel the need that you are smart enough to talk about them, If you don’t know at least the process to go through and buy guns you shouldn’t be able to debate, I believe in the first amendment and you should be allow to talk but there is no way you should formally debate over this topic you know nothing about. If you can’t tell me how to reload a gun don’t reply you’re clearly too incompetent to speak

  • First Amendment before the second

    Banning people from discussion" is an insane idea, No matter how educated on the subject they are. Should we hold lawmakers to a standard of being educated on the topics? Absolutely! But it is the responsibilities of each citizen to make sure their elected representative is informed about the topics they are legislating. If we ban someone from discussion because they do not know about the topic, It both impairs learning about the subject and silences opinions at the same time.

  • That's really dumb.

    Frankly, I'd propose that we have classes about guns. How they work, How to be safe around them, What they're used for. Too many people are ignorant on guns. However, Banning them from speaking is stupid. Let them speak, And use their ignorance against them. Crush them with their lack of expertise. Have them learn the difference between a legal firearm and an illegal one, Have them learn what guns kill the most people (it's handguns), And have them learn that guns are not the fucking antichrist.

  • Problem lies with the question

    People know about guns period, Unless they live under a rock. Guns are everywhere in the world. While they may not physically be everywhere, Gun culture exists everywhere, Whether it be in books, History, Movies, Or in someone's hands. So, Everyone knows about guns to a degree. Some people are just more knowledgeable about them.

    Think about this for a moment:
    You see a new digital device, Let it be a car. You know about cars. Can you debate on buying a car? Can you debate on which one is better? Can you debate what you don't want in a car? The answer is yes to all of those. Now, If a car could be used to run someone over, Would you say they should be banned? You'd probably say no. Like many people, They don't think guns should be banned either, Just regulated like cars- with proper licensing, Training, Tracking, And insurance.

    Now, Before you assume anything about me. I have shot guns before for recreational use (target practice) and have used handguns (. 45), Shotguns, And assault rifles (AR-15) with friends and family. I just believe that they are a bit easy to get a hold of.

    You may even think of other countries when you bring up gun ownership in the debate, But many countries that have large ownership ratios also have very limited ammo supplies and are usually regulated to law enforcement and/or shooting ranges.

    Information about guns is also not always available, Especially with the Dickey Amendment (introduced in 1996) preventing funds from being used in the CDC from doing any gun research in advocating or promoting gun control and preventing gun research entirely. The bill was introduced by the NRA. In 2018 they were enabled to do gun research, But no money would be used to fund such research.

    There are several reasons why gun control is a hot topic. One is the number of school shootings. In the last 30 years, There have been more than 300 school shootings, With an average of 1 death and 2 injuries to each. Remember that averages mean that there were many without any deaths or injuries, Whereas some had several.

    However, More than 33, 000 gun related deaths have occurred in 2013 alone. Just barely exceeding car related deaths of 32, 000 in the same year. However, Cars are very regulated.

    Speech is power in a debate and silencing the opposition means that it is not a debate, But rather a gag order and a one-sided argument. That goes against the first amendment. All the amendments should be treated equally under the law, Unless amended or repealed. That is how our government and constitution work. Let it work the way it was designed to work.

  • You like the idea of Right to Bear Arms

    Hypocritical for anyone to vote yes. Right to Bear Arms - Freedom of Speech.
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