Should people who maliciously comment on the internet have their information exposed publicly?

Asked by: Anonymoustiger
  • An eye for an eye

    For far too long, Celebrities particularly in Korea have been the target of netizens worldwide. Recently, Celebrity Sulli passed away to suicide because of these types of people. While many mourn for her passing, This seems to have fueled those who caused her death their appetites. I think its time for them to get a taste of their own medicine. Many people on the internet love to comment maliciously because of the anonymity that covers their tracks, Making it difficult for prosecutors to charge them. If their information is publicly exposed through legal doxxing, It may get them ti think twice as now, Their masks have been taken off and they now know what it's like to be a victim of online bullying.

  • No they should not

    That will violate the first amendment since people will be too afraid to express their opinions. We shouldn't police what people say on the internet because of one troll. Political correctness needs to end. We should tolerate racism more than we do now because everyone knows that racism is natural.

  • Nani nan i nuuuuu

    Never most of them are trolls and it would be unfair, As well as that being anonymity and if they get exposed they will start exposing everyone else and then it will turn into a mess like come on people we really need to violate their privacy just because of a troll

  • Anonymity is important.

    The biggest promise of the internet is to be able to speak without fear of being doxxed due to being mean. While yes, Many people take Anonymity too far, That does not change the fact that people will do terrible things to someone either way. A big example was a person who tried to kill an artist for drawing a character in a way that they didn't like. Exposing someone's information could bring them to great risk of being actually killed.

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