Should people who post dead memes on social media be exiled into the depths of space?

Asked by: cheesybacon
  • It is gay

    It is incredibly gay to post dead memes, On the level of wearing speedos or short shorts. If you post dead memes i'm sorry to have to break it to you but, You're a homosexual, There's no way around it. Don't be gay. Only gay people are gay and that's not you.

  • Dead memes are so gay

    Dead memes are so gay they raped my fortnite acount and then deleted it i am so sad it is so gay i reall sad oh no it coming for me i have to run faggot bye ahahahahahhahahahahahahha ahahahah aha aha aha aha aha ha aha aha aha aha aha ha aha

  • BAN THEM All

    DEAD MEMES ARE DEAD! ALL PEOPLE THAT POST DEAD MEMES NEED TO BE SYSTEMATICALLY WEEDED OUT OF THE GENE POOL AND SENT TO THE GAS CHAMBERS. ALL THOSE THAT KEEP RELEVANT WITH THEIR MEMES SHALL PROSPER. Even meme lords such as myself mess up sometimes. In fact, Even today; I spoke unspeakable words. "get rekt". I spoke the dead meme. And no im here regretting my life choices and wishing for death or the eternal punishment. I also believe that Rosa Parks is just an Aunt Jemima rip off. MASSACRE ALL THE DEAD MEMERS.

  • Dead memes are a sin against humanity.

    Memes are a very important part of today's culture. Many peoples lives revolve around these funny little pictures. But some people, In an attempt to be praised for their wittiness, Will post dead memes. Now if you don't know what a dead meme is, It is basically a meme that has been used so much that it has lost all of its comedic affect. I suppose to save ourselves from these monstrosities, We will ban all dead memes, And then send the person who made it into outer space.

  • They post it for nostalgic reasons

    There obviously are people who are unaware of the fact that they are dead but there are also people who post them for nostalgic reasons. However, They should acknowledge the fact that the meme is dead and not do it too frequently unless their social media account is about dead memes.

  • No, They should not be punished.

    We should respectfully tell them that posting dead memes are bad and not current to the present time. This is primarily why I go on r/dankmemes on reddit to see the latest dank memes, Just because someone posts a dead meme does not mean that they should be punished, Maybe they feel that it is still funny, And they like that it is old.

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Debating_Horse says2018-09-10T16:30:41.997
Don't be mean.

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