Should people who socialize in the cyber world be forced to reveal their real world identities to their conversation partners?

  • Yes, there should be less anonymity online.

    It would probably be completely impossible to force people to divulge their true identities online. However, it would make the Internet a safer place if people couldn't hide behind anonymity and false identities. A lot of people are not their true selves online, and this can lead to dangerous experiences, such as young girls being convinced they're talking to teenage boys online.

  • Would lead to political repression either by employers or the government

    If everyone had to reveal their real identities it would be harder to openly discuss controversial political opinions online. This would give more control to businesses who threaten their employees with firings if they express the wrong opinions or the government if it found ways to go after people for expressing the wrong opinions.

  • Those who socialize in cyber space need not reveal their identities.

    No, people who socialize online should not be forced to reveal their real world identities to their conversation partners. Those who socialize online are aware that this is a possibility as this is the way its always been since the internet has reached the masses. Some people probably choose to remain anonymous due to certain personal reasons.

  • There is no point to that.

    That's a rather stupid notion (so is using the word "cyber" after 1998, but whatever). There is no need for anyone to reveal their real world identities to anyone online. That's the entire point of online interaction. We're in control of what we divulge. And you're in control of who you speak to. If you don't like anonymity, then shove off.

  • No, of course not

    This is a bad idea. Believe me. I have dealt with an online stalker before. They traced down my house address, my phone number, and even started contacting my family members on Facebook. Your personal identity should be confidential on the net, because you never really know who you're dealing with.

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