Should people who torture animals have more severe punishments?

Asked by: BellsandWhistles
  • Is this even a question?

    Some people think animals aren't worthy as humans. That they can't feel pain like we do. I'll give you a little hint about who those people are. Those people are CRUEL.

    For those people out there with pets, What would you want to happen to that man who hurt your pet. The pet you grew up with and the pet that is your family...

    Would you want that man to get away with it easy?

  • These people should not be out in the open

    There is no reason to target an innocent, defenseless animal with no voice. We need to be their mouthpiece. If there are severe punishments for human abusers, then there need to be more severe punishments for animal abusers. Animals are not immune to pain. Yet we seem to justify their pain more than ours. That is shameful and selfish. Plus, who's to say they won't continue on to people? You see the same concept in domestic abuse often. The abuser starts small and then works their way up to life-threatening acts. People who prey on defenseless animals, in my opinion, should not be allowed out on the streets.

  • I don't want them in the free world

    And I'm pretty tolerant. I'd legalize a lot of things, let a lot of nonviolent offenders go free if it was up to me. But there's a lot of sound reasons why people who torture animals shouldn't be on the streets. They eventually do it to people, for one thing. For another, ANIMALS FEEL PAIN.

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