Should people whose lifestyle choices result in certain conditions have healthcare restrictions?

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  • It's fair, now that we're all paying for health care.

    Yes, people whose lifestyle choices result in certain conditions should have health care restrictions, because otherwise we all have to pay for their poor choices. People need to learn how to make good choices, because we are all financially responsible for each other, now that Obamacare is in full force. They need good choices forced on them. They voted for it.

  • Lifestyle Choices Should Result in Healthcare Restrictions

    Individuals who choose to harm their own health through lifestyle choices should have healthcare restrictions placed upon themselves. This includes heavy smokers, heavy drinkers, and drug addicts. These individuals are intentionally causing harm to themselves, whether they want to admit it or not. The healthcare system shouldn't be burdened by these individuals.

  • Yes, to some degree.

    No one should be denied health care, but there might be a higher cost for some people, for instance if they smoke or are obese for no medical reason. It is true that we have some responsibility for our health and we do need to somehow encourage more of that awareness.

  • Everyone should have health care

    I'm under the impression this means should obese people not be allowed health care, or diabetics who don't follow the diabetic diet. Everyone should be allowed health care regardless of how reckless they are with their health. It's like saying dumb people shouldn't be allowed in school. I don't care how unhealthy your lifestyle is, you should be able to be treated if/when you're sick.

  • People whose lifestyle choices result in certain conditions should not have healthcare restrictions.

    People whose lifestyle choices result in certain conditions should not have health care restrictions. People should be able to get the same treatment regardless of their lifestyle choices. This should not play a role in the treatment of anything and should not be an issue. However, I am sure anything that limits the citizens abilities will be greatly reviewed by congress.

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