Should people with down syndrome be allowed to reproduce?

Asked by: Fireman_bree
  • Everybody has the right to reproduce Mr. Hitler.

    The same thing was attempted back in the 20's before people even excepted evolution as a scientific fact. You want to know what that was, it was eugenics. Another thing you should know is that there are people like shoko Kanazawa(Japanese calligrapher), garret holeve(mma fighter) and Angella Bachiller(Spanish politician). Do also want to know another thing, people with Down syndrome aren't holding us back, you are. You won't even give them a chance to prove themselves at all, but if somebody without a disability screws up big time(like George W. Bush when he constantly got drunk when he was younger), people still think they have what it takes to be president. Now we may have leaders without Down syndrome (just like Trump), but we don't have world peace. Why would that be? Think about that.

  • Nope i say no

    The issue is that those animals hahave in no way helped or advanced the human race . MAking more of the mis not productive and is a bad idea. We wont ot keep the populaion of the mlow. KIt is best for soiety i need seven more words so.. Yeah

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