• Lupus is painful and debilitating.

    There are different degrees of lupus, and some of them can be quite debilitating and painful. It's a situation where not everyone should qualify for disability, but very clearly many long term sufferers of this disease should be permitted to receive the benefits. As always, it needs to be done on a case by case basis.

  • Yes, lupus sufferers should qualify for Social Security Disability.

    Lupus is a debilitating auto-immune disease. Its symptoms sometimes include fatigue and sensitivity to sunlight. It would be hard to maintain employment with only these two symptoms. There are other symptoms which also affect a person's ability to work. There are not many employers who would be willing to hire and keep an employee who cannot attend work on a regular basis.

  • Not All Cases

    I do not believe all cases of lupus should qualify for Social Security Disability. People with lupus, if they meet certain guidelines, can qualify and obtain Social Security Disability. I think it is important to follow the guidelines as they are now to ensure that the system does not become overloaded.

  • No, people with lupus should not qualify for Social Security disability benefits

    Lupus is a perfidious and debilitating disease, but it should not be considered grounds for disability payments any more than cancer or other diseases should be considered a basis. Social security disability is meant for people who have worked, paid into the system, and are now disabled through their working life from being able to continue working. Lupus is a systemic disease which is not caused by working.

  • Other Ways to Fight Lupus

    Many people with Social Security Disability benefits probably shouldn't qualify. Lupus is one of those things that can get worse with age depending upon how people deal with it. Lupus isn't like losing an arm or leg to an accident to become permanently disabled. If people with lupus get disability benefits, then so should those with multiple sclerosis in its advanced stages.

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