• the personality disorders

    I personally agree,Not all people with severe mental illness are going to commit mass murder, and therefore should not be treated as if they are. I remember applying for a job via a job coach, and the first question the employer asked was about my risk of violence. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job despite being well qualified.
    In addition to this, people with a severe mental illness are statistically more likely to be the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators. In this case, owning a firearm for self defense could be beneficial.

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Antisocial Personality Disorder is by definition a descriptive nomenclature of criminals. One of the associated features of these persons is interpersonal violence. These people most commonly come to the attention of law enforcement and are usually contained in jails and prisons. They often assault others with a weapon, force others into unwanted sexual encounters, and generally show disrespect for any kind of authority.
    A Narcissistic Personality Disorder which in my experience can weigh heavily into crimes against persons.
    It can be such that a person with a major mental illness or those with a personality disorder can legally buy a gun by passing a background check. This indicates that these types can simply fall though the cracks and pass the required background check simply by not becoming involved with the court system. In a private sale, the purchaser need not submit to a background check.

  • Your right to bear arms and defend yourself should not be taken away because of something you can’t control.

    Maybe requiring an okay by a psychiatrist to own a gun if you have a personality disorder, But still being able to. People with personality disorders should still be allowed to own guns if they are seen fit. They are people too, They are fellow US citizens with rights. People should not be stripped of their second amendment right so easily unless reason for concern is found by a psychiatrist or judge. I do believe in stricter gun laws, As well as in a more thorough process for owning a gun. However, I don’t believe in ripping people of their rights by default because of something they can’t control.

  • But neither should anyone else either

    I can so no good reason for anyone to have a gun in their home. Guns kill people and countries like the US where guns are legal have about 100 times the gun murder rate than other countries where citizens are not allowed to have personal guns in their own homes.

  • No, they are dangerous

    Most of the recent mass shootings in the US have been performed by people with mental health issues. In fact, the Virginia Tech shooter had a documented history of mental illness, but was still allowed to buy guns. If we did more to prevent potentially dangerous people from owning guns, society would be better protected.

  • Why would they?

    I suppose it would matter what type of personality disorder that they have, but in almost all cases people with personality disorders do not need to have guns. We do not need people with multiple personalities disorders or that are bipolar with ready access to a firearm for any reason.

  • Mental illness should be an exception to 2nd Amendment Rights.

    While increased gun ownership by lawful citizens is a net positive for society, there is a great risk in failing to distinguish why it is important for law-abiding citizens to have guns: Namely, that they will use them in a rational manner for the most part. Those with personality disorders are not rational and thus the benefit of an armed citizenry is diminished should no distinction be made between mentally ill and sanity. (This also applies to the menatally ill owning any type of weapon or heavy machinery).

  • No, the mentally ill should not be allowed to buy guns.

    I do not think a person who suffers from any type of personality disorder or mental illness should be allowed to have a gun. I think every citizen should have the right to buy firearms. But there should be a prerequisite for it. I think it would be dangerous for people who are not emotionally stable to have a weapon like that.

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