Should people with self-inflicted diseases or conditions be required to take health promotion or disease prevention classes?

  • But using tact

    Some people don't have the education/knowledge to know/understand the effects that lifestyle may have upon them. But forcing people into ed is unethical and conflicts with trauma informed care - are there underlying reasons for their choices in life? An intervention-like process could inform while allowing the choice to change.

  • They cost us all.

    Yes, people with self-inflicted diseases or conditions should be required to take health promotion classes, because they cost us all money. Now that we have socialized medicine, if a person has a self-inflicted disease, we all have to pay for their health insurance, because they cannot deny pre-existing conditions. So they have to learn how not to have these problems that cost us all.

  • Education is always a good idea

    I don't necessarily agree that they should be forced to take a class (unless they broke a law and it is legally required) but I do believe that educating people on how to stop spreading disease and how to keep it from happening to them is a valid reason for a prevention class. I believe the class should be voluntary.

  • No, they wanted it and should deal with health-related problems they inflict.

    No, if that's what they want themselves then the world should just leave them alone. We can't control people and usually, when you try to control a person, they just do what you're trying to prevent and harder. Trying to force them to take classes would do nothing for the vast majority of people who hurt themselves.

  • Require Adults To Take Classes?

    I don't really understand what agency would be responsible for providing health promotion or disease prevention classes. What qualifies as a self-inflicted disease or condition. People should understand the processes that affect their body, but its primarily their own responsibility but doctors should encourage them to learn. I don't see the purpose in using taxpayer money to provide classes for such things when the information is widely available on the Internet.

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