• There should never be a free ride.

    If I have to work to feed myself and my family then everyone should. It's called personal responsibility. Getting something for nothing leads to more of the same. It leads to anger and resentment that they can't have everything that a working person may be able to afford. It also leads to more crime so they have cash for their drug habit as food stamps usually don't pay for drugs. It also leads to morons voting for whoever promises to give them something for nothing.

  • Yes, it is only fair.

    Yes, people should work for welfare, because it teaches them to appreciate what their fellow taxpayers are giving them. Welfare is important, but people should be grateful for it, and they also need to contribute to the society that they are receiving the welfare from. Work would also teach them marketable skills that they could use to get jobs in the future.

  • Yes or at least make an effort

    There are too many people in our country taking advantage of welfare. They don't work and don't feel they need to because the government will support them. This is not right and is costing hard workers a lot of money. We need a better system in place to fix this issue.

  • Welfare defeats this

    Should people work on welfare? The hard part for both the lawmakers and citizens is how much to work. Make under X dollars a year and you qualify for welfare; over that amount, and nothing. So somebody making X+200 a year suddenly loses all their welfare - counter intuitively defeating th every purpose of the system.

  • In some way.

    I am not a supporter of welfare, if the person is only collecting it because they are too lazy to get a job. I think if a person is collecting welfare, and living off the Government, they should have to give a little back. I think community service is the best option.

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, people should work if they are receiving welfare, at least in some capacity. Way too many folks have accepted the lifestyle of doing nothing and just accepting handouts from the government. This is not right. If you're not disabled, there is something you can do to benefit the society. Don't be a parasite.

  • I have to work to provide them with there welfare check

    If i have to work to provide you with an income every month then yes you should have to be forced to do some kind of labor job! Better yet if you need welfare then you should have to pay a percentage back of what you received. Nothing is free not even life so get off your lazy ass and work and make something of yourself.

  • No they should not.

    Welfare is usually given to the people who can not work or are unable to for whatever reason. That means having welfare only given to those who work it would be going to the people who do not really need it in the first place. It should go to those who really need it.

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