Should performance-enhancing drugs be accepted in competitive sports?

  • Performance-enhancing drugs should be accepted in competitive sports.

    Performance-enhancing drugs should be accepted in competitive sports. Athletes are going to keep doing these whether they are accepted or not. I think we should allow them so that the sport is more fair to everybody. I do not think that performance-enhancing drugs does anything more than give people more energy.

  • Yes because nobody is willing to make an effort to really stop it

    This is not an issue of morality or of kids looking up to athletes as they are NOT role models. Kids should be able to look up to their parents first and successful people who have obtained a position in life which is realistically more obtainable (as a parent and competitive athlete this is what I do).
    On to the topic at hand....If we really want to stop the use of performance enhancers in sports we need to have real mandatory drug testing both in season and out of season. Drug tests can be administered at any time day or night, means testers can show up at their homes at any time and administer a test. Athletes need to notify the independent governing body {which will be tasked with running this} if they are traveling and provide a cell number. Drug testing must be submitted to at anytime and failure to do so is an automatic positive. At the very start of this type of program a "baseline" would need to be set for all blood levels and hormone values for every athlete at the start of this program and variations from the baseline outside of a normal fluctuation would be deemed positive.

    This would cause the players unions to protest due to violations of liberties but if people want to compete clean and every competitor swears they are then their should be no objections. In addition to player objections the fans may need to be prepared for a drop off in the level of performance they have become accustom to seeing

  • Yes, they would help.

    Performance-enhancing drugs have been around for centuries and if made illegal, it wouldn't make a difference. People will find new ways to get through drug tests, which aren't that accurate. Many athletes have came clean through tests and have later admitted to doing drugs. Like Antonio Pettigrew who competed in the 2000 Sydney summer Olympics as a swimmer and was never caught with doing drugs. Later he admitted it. Our government spends so much money a year doing tests that aren't very accurate. It is our right to do whatever we want with our bodies, not the law's.

  • NO WAY

    sports drugs should not be allowed in competitive sports because they are cheap. it is called competitive sports for a reason, not sports with everyone and you who are better. drugs are for the lazy and people who don't want to work for their results. for the 2012 mlb hof ballot nearly half those guys are cheaters from sammy sosa to barry bonds with mark mcgwire in the middle. they should either take them out of the ballot or they should take their stats before they became steroid buffs.

  • No Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Accepted in Competitive Sports

    The joy of sports is in pushing oneself to achieve all new highs and goals. Drugs are a shortcut to achieving that goal. Additionally, drugs aren't good for your health so they are detrimental to the health goals of sports. Also, a whole new area of regulation and fairness would be introduced if such drugs were allowed which would just complicate things too much.

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs

    No, in my personal opinion, I do not think that performance enhancing drus should be allowed in competitive sports or professional sports. In the end, it's cheating. It's not using your God given natural ability to play the sport chosen and is given an unfair advantage to the cheaters in sport.

  • Drugs Are Cheating

    Performance enhancing drugs should not be used by anyone. Even if everyone is using them, it does not create a fair playing field as everyone may react differently to drugs. This would also pressure those who do not want to be involved with drugs to use them in order to keep up.

  • Everyone's Unfair Advantage is Still Unfair

    If performance enhancing drugs are accepted in sports, every record in the record books is tainted. Everyone will wonder if Player X achieved Feat Y on steroids or not. If everyone is juiced, it's still an unfair advantage even if everyone is able to use steroids. The negative health effects later in life are too detrimental to have steroids become a legal way to achieve success on the field.

  • Performance inhancing drugs are still drugs

    Really? It's is not really hard to decide on this subject. There is probably more than a 100 good reasons not to take performance inhancing drugs such as health risks,tainted record books, poor role models. ITS STILL DRUGS PEOPLE WOULD YOU LIKE KIDS TRYING TO BE THEIR SPORTS ROLE MODELS BY TAKING DRUGS?

  • Hell no no

    I think not it would be unfair for drug free athletes and many people could get hurt. Also the game would be unfair and favor those who us drugs.Many people die from doing drugs.Some people thinks its fair but i highly disagree. The reason is i am a drug free person.

  • Sports are supposed to be about natural ability.

    There is no reason that we should consider the proposal of performance enhancing drugs being permissible in competitive sports. Athletic competitions are demonstrations of personal ability through training and teamwork, not of who got a better jolt of juice from the end of a needle. If you need that to be competitive, then sport is not for you.

  • No they do more harm

    There is no reason to accept performance enhancing drugs in sports. The playing field is already competitive. Performance drugs could pose a serious risk to an individual which is dangerous for the sport. To allow the drugs also means more athletes will try new and different things to get an edge and be at even more risk.

  • No, because it is not fair.

    A sports competition to be fair must be played on a level playing field where everyone gets to develop his or her abilities through hard work. If performance enhancing drugs are used by certain athletes and not by others, then it is no longer a level playing field and it makes competition impossible.

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